Dale Connelly Feature Archive

Eric Bibb has a unique background. He was born in the U.S., but has lived out of the country for nearly two decades, calling Helsinki, Finland his home now. So he brings a fresh perspective to blues music and his latest album, "Get Onboard." (05/08/2009)
Karen Savoca and Pete Heitzman, Lou and Peter Berryman and Storyhill all come together at the Fitzgerald Theater for Radio Heartland's "The Power of Two: Duos Concert" hosted by Dale Connelly. (05/04/2009)
It's difficult to pin down Carmen Souza's background. Her musical influences are jazz, gospel, soul, world music from Europe, the U.S., the Mediterranean and Africa. And she now lives in London. (05/02/2009)
Brother and sister combination Sara and Sean Watkins perform music from Sara's new solo CD. (04/25/2009)
Jearlyn Steele concludes her statewide Troubadour concert series at the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul with family and friends. (04/25/2009)
Susan Werner and Cheryl Wheeler perform live at the Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis in a live performance for Radio Heartland. (04/06/2009)
Singer-songwriter Krista Detor has roots all over the U.S., including California, North Dakota, and her current home in Bloomington, Indiana. She's moved around a lot in her career and her touring schedule echoes that long road. She'll be doing her third European tour in 12 months in March of 2009. (12/03/2008)
One would think that folksingers in Boston are lining up to get gigs and trying to out-do each other in a fiercely competitive scene. But Meg Hutchinson says it's more of a family atmosphere. She's one of Red House Records' newest singer-songwriters and says the Boston scene, where she lives now, is supportive and thriving. (12/02/2008)
Gorka recorded his very first album, "I Know", on the Red House label back in 1987. He then signed with Windham Hill and recorded five more albums before returning to Red House for four more. John is currently recording new material for yet another Red House recording. (11/21/2008)
Ben Sollee takes the cello way out of it's roots as a classical stringed instrument. While his music teacher gave him permission to study his "other" music, he made sure Sollee kept his nose firmly planted in the traditional cello repertoire. (11/19/2008)
Carrie Rodriguez has branched out from her roots as "another Texas fiddle player." In her years on the road, she's grown from playing back-up fiddle to headlining her own band. She lives in New York now and is on tour with her newest album, "She Ain't Me," which includes help from songwriting partners Dan Wilson, Gary Louris and Mary Gauthier. (11/07/2008)
Don't let Courtney Kaiser and Benjamin Cartel hear you say that you can't have a duo with just drums and guitar because they'll prove you wrong. The two formed a duo - both musically and romantically - after meeting several times at different gigs. Now they live and perform as KaiserCartel. (11/05/2008)
Sonya Kitchell released her first CD when she was only 16 and created a storm of sorts. Critics raved, audiences cheered, and that record opened a lot of doors for the Massachusetts singer-songwriter, including a tour with legendary jazz man Herbie Hancock. (10/14/2008)
Dave Stoddard says he wrote his first song on piano in kindergarten. Hearing him play, you could buy that, but knowing him, you might think he's pulling your leg. (10/09/2008)
What does it take to break into the music industry as a singer-songwriter? It helps to have friends in the business. It also helps, a lot, to be good at your craft. Luckily, for Aaron Espe, he could check off both of those necessities. (10/07/2008)