Dale Connelly Feature Archive

Richard Thompson once said of Geoff Muldaur, "There are only three white blues singers - Geoff Muldaur is at least two of them." (09/21/2006)
For Eliza Gilkyson, music is a family affair. Her father is songwriter Terry Gilkyson and her son Cisco Ryder is playing percussion on stage with her now. (09/14/2006)
Twin Cities vocalist Connie Evingson already had a "hot club" jazz record out so she was ready to move on to her next project. But then she met the Hot Club of Sweden on a winter trip to Stockholm. The result is a new CD, "Stockholm Sweetnin'," that was released this summer in Minnesota. (09/07/2006)
The Cafe Accordion Orchestra's new CD "Cinema", is a tribute to film music ranging from slap-accompaniment to love ballads. (09/05/2006)
The Get Up Johns are a Twin Cities duo that loves old time country gospel and folk and remind many of the Louvin Brothers, perhaps the most well-known of the "brother groups." (07/28/2006)
Sam Shaber's latest album is a live recording done at a club in Chicago. The record is called "In My Bones" and it consists of songs requested by fans in advance. (07/16/2006)
Bluegrass bands do something a lot of bands can't do: stand around one microphone and make music. It requires some "choreography" and a careful eye. (06/30/2006)
A cross between Irish, Cajun, Rock, and even some Caribbean sounds, The Sweet Colleens don't miss a beat. Collectively, the five members bring together many years of studio and live performance experience in genres covering a diverse spectrum. (06/23/2006)
Rani Arbo and Daisy Mayhem are Signature Sounds recording artists from the east coast who have molded their sound from years of experience in different musical genres including swing, bluegrass, rock and blues. (06/12/2006)
Many remember the successful 1952 film, "Singin' in the Rain" with famous music and dance scenes with Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, and Donald O'Connor. But this spring, the Chanhassen Dinner Theater has done something unusual: made a stage musical based on the Hollywood film. (06/09/2006)
They have the paperwork to prove they're real brothers. They were raised together in Colorado, but developed their musical chops in different cities. (05/25/2006)
"I Am Anne Frank" combines excerpts from Anne's diary with songs that reveal the power of her inner life (05/18/2006)
Claudia Schmidt says that there's "no tenure in this business," and she's been very busy writing, recording, and traveling lately. (05/04/2006)
North Shore singer/songwriter Michael Monroe has been making music from his solar-powered studio near Grand Marais and strumming guitars made from exotic woods for years. (04/25/2006)
A lot of people pass through Berkeley, California, and a lot of people move there, but The Morning Show actually now knows someone FROM Berkeley, Claudia Russell. (04/20/2006)