Michael Barone Feature Archive

Michael Barone and Samuel Kjellberg give us a look behind the Miro String Quartet's performance of George Crumb's experimental 1970 piece "Black Angels." (10/12/2011)
Bach's Birthday is Monday and we celebrate all day this Saturday with a cycle of free hour-long concerts at five Saint Paul churches. (03/18/2011)
Last year, Michael Barone was in Cambridge for the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols from King's College Chapel. In the few hours before the show began, he talked with a number of people who had stood in line for hours during some particularly nasty weather. (12/23/2010)
As a young chorister called out of study-hall to turn pages for the organist at St. Paul's Cathedral in London, Christopher Herrick was captivated by the power and variety of sound that an organist commands and decided on the spot that he wanted to become an organist himself. This world-travelling recitalist plays in Wayzata this Sunday. (10/20/2010)
Whether in the traditional repertoire, new music, orchestral transcriptions or her original compositions, organist Chelsea Chen conveys a joyful musicianship and infectious delight in the infinite possibilities of the King of Instruments. She's in town for a recital this Friday night at Bethel University. (10/04/2010)
The organ is not unknown in the jazz world, but few jazz organists use their feet to play the bass line. Barbara Dennerlein is one of a kind, in that she plays it all. (08/12/2009)
Keyboard player Jelani Eddington has made special transcriptions of the popular orchestral music of Leroy Anderson in celebration of the composer's upcoming birth centenary on June 29. You can understand why the American Theater Organ Society voted Eddington Organist of the Year. (06/23/2008)
For more than 20 years, Stephen Cleobury has been director of music at King's College in Cambridge, England, and directs the King's College Choir. Minnesota Public Radio's Michael Barone spoke with Cleobury about his life as the leader of the world-renowned boys' choir. (04/10/2008)
When the Ordway Center in St. Paul, Minn., announced recently that Wendy Knox would be directing the holiday production of "The Sound of Music," it raised a lot of eyebrows - including her own. (12/12/2007)
The University of Minnesota and Schubert Club of St. Paul salute this colorful figure in the Twin Cities' classical music pantheon. (09/12/2007)
A 70-year-old organ symphony will receive its Midwest premiere this weekend in Minneapolis. Minnesota Public Radio's Michael Barone talks with Raymond Johnston, the organist who'll perform the piece. (04/12/2007)
Cellist Pablo Casals called Bach's creations "the greatest and purest music of all time." We'll be hearing a lot of Bach's music this week as we celebrate his 319th birthday. Five Minnesota Public Radio hosts share personal reflections. (03/22/2004)
Spanning nine centuries of history, the St. Paul's Cathedral Choir, London, has established itself as one of the major forces in British church music today. The group visited the Twin Cities' own Cathedral of Saint Paul in October 2003, and we'll hear a broadcast of that performance. The program includes outstanding British repertoire, plus the world premiere of a new work by VocalEssence composer-in-residence Cary John Franklin, based on Psalm 8 (01/12/2004)
Hector Berlioz was one of the most extraordinary composers of the 19th century. He lived during a time when German composers dominated the music world, and when France was less interested in music than literary works. So, it was not until the 20th century that his sheer brilliance and initiative was fully recognized. Join host Michael Barone for this special four-hour program dedicated to the works and life of Berlioz. (12/11/2003)
Professor David B. Levy of Wake Forest University and MPR's Michael Barone explore the masterwork Symphonies of Beethoven, movement by movement with musical examples. (08/03/2003)