Bill Catlin Feature Archive

Delta Air Lines appears to be close to winning support from its pilots' union for a merger with Northwest Airlines. That could mean the airlines may announce a merger early next week. (04/11/2008)
Minnesota's unemployment rate dipped to 4.5 percent last month. Seven out of 11 major sectors added jobs, including 4,000 jobs in professional and business services. (02/27/2008)
Minnesota's rising unemployment rate pulled even with the national average for the first time in more than three decades. The jobless rate nationally and in Minnesota was 4.5 percent in February. (03/20/2007)
Two giants who are bitter rivals in the software industry are battling to buy little-known Retek, a Twin Cities software firm that's tiny by comparison. (03/13/2005)
University of Minnesota researchers are reporting initial success treating severe cases of an eating disorder with an approach generally associated with treating heart problems. The study is using a pacemaker-like device to treat bulimia, and one woman says the procedure has changed her life. (03/09/2005)
Federated Department Stores is expected to finalize a deal over the weekend to acquire the owner of Minneapolis-based Marshall Field's. Marshall Field's is owned by May Department Stores Company. May bought Marshall Field's last year and has left the Minneapolis operation intact. But if May itself is sold to Federated, experts predict many local jobs would go away. (02/25/2005)
Last month, Delta slashed its most expensive fares by as much as half and eliminated the much-despised Saturday night stay requirement. One Wall Street analyst says the change could cost airlines billions of dollars if it's adopted across the industry. But some experts say the effect may be minor and could even help the industry. (02/06/2005)
American Express is spinning off its Minneapolis-based money management arm to shareholders. The change brings new uncertainty to American Express Financial Advisors, which has been trying to improve its investment performance. (02/01/2005)
The Current -- 89.3 -- will feature a broad range of popular music in an effort to attract a younger audience to MPR. (01/21/2005)
Nationally, corporate combinations finally picked up towards the end of last after a slow-down starting in the recession year of 2001. Several factors are likely to fuel more deal making this year. Here's how the trends might affect Minnesota. (01/17/2005)
Minnesota's history of building the fastest and most powerful computers in the world dates back to the early 1960s. The supercomputer industry fell on hard times in the 1990s, but now may be poised for a renaissance. (01/03/2005)
Health products giant Johnson and Johnson is buying Indianapolis-based Guidant Corp., one of the world's top makers of cardiac devices. Guidant employs about 3,000 people in Minnesota. (12/16/2004)
Health products giant, Johnson & Johnson, is expected to announce it will buy Indianapolis-based Guidant, a medical device maker with about 3,000 employees in Minnesota. Guidant is a major player in a rapidly growing area of using hardware, instead of drugs, to treat heart disease. (12/13/2004)
The Securities and Exchange Commission is looking into the pension accounting at six big companies, including Eagan-based Northwest Airlines. The SEC says it doesn't have any evidence of wrongdoing. Officials are making inquiries to see if companies deliberately tinker with their pension numbers to make their profits or other financial results look better. (11/07/2004)
Edward Prescott, the former University of Minnesota economist who shared this year's Nobel Prize for economics, shared in the celebration over his award during a visit to Minneapolis Tuesday. His colleagues praised his contributions to the field. (10/12/2004)