Toni Randolph Feature Archive

In 2005, a videotape surfaced showing workers in Thailand exhuming Hmong graves at the Wat Tham Krabok refugee camp, dismembering bodies, removing the bones, and throwing the remains into open graves. (11/12/2007)
Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher says a man who died in the county jail last month received inadequate medical attention. (11/09/2007)
A University of Minnesota student has enlisted the help of classmates to put pressure on officials in Washington to help his nieces in Sudan. (11/06/2007)
The city of St. Paul says its new fire chief will be Tim Butler, who has been the fire emergency management and communications chief since 2004. (10/30/2007)
A St. Paul man faces drug possession charges after his daughter brought methamphetamine to a middle school. (10/11/2007)
Members of St. Paul's Hmong community say they've secured the remains of 211 people who were buried near a Buddhist temple in Thailand where Hmong refugees once lived. (10/10/2007)
The Minneapolis City Council voted unanimously Friday to give municipal consent to the state's plan for replacing the collapsed I-35W bridge. (10/05/2007)
As the U.S. Senate reconvenes in Washington this week, many Liberians in Minnesota are anxiously waiting for senators to take action on a bill that could determine whether they have to leave the country within the next 30 days. (09/04/2007)
The unprecedented attempt to quantify the cost of sexual violence measured the financial burdens from medical and mental health care, criminal justice costs, lost time at work and other factors. (07/17/2007)
Several hundred Hmong Americans rallied on the state Capitol steps on Tuesday in support of a revered leader charged in a plot to overthrow the government in Laos. (06/19/2007)
A report from the Hazelden Foundation says fewer people are seeking drug treatment for meth abuse, which suggests that use of the drug may be declining. (06/19/2007)
Thousands of World War II veterans are due at the Capitol on Saturday when the state's first World War II Veterans Memorial will be dedicated. It is a memorial that has been a long time coming. (06/08/2007)
Former Minnesota U.S. Attorney Tom Heffelfinger says he's working with members of the Hmong community as they begin to form a legal team for Gen. Vang Pao. The former Laotian leader has been charged with plotting the overthrow of the communist government in Laos. (06/05/2007)
Thousands of Minnesotans attended Memorial Day services to remember and honor those who served in the U.S. military. A groundbreaking at Veterans Memorial Park in Richfield brought together a handful of Iwo Jima veterans including Chuck Lindberg, the last surviving member of the group of Marines who raised the first American flag at Iwo Jima. (05/28/2007)
Another Minnesota family is grieving the death of a soldier in Iraq. A 27-year-old Minneapolis man was killed by a roadside bomb earlier this week. (05/08/2007)