Toni Randolph Feature Archive

Republican Senator Norm Coleman wants offshore drilling to pay for the development of alternative energy sources. (08/26/2008)
A former inmate of the Ramsey County workhouse has tested positive for active tuberculosis, and health officials are looking for people who may have been exposed to that person while at the facility. (08/13/2008)
The latest census estimates show that the suburbs surrounding the Twin Cities are becoming more diverse. (08/06/2008)
When the Interstate 35W bridge fell last August, approximately 140,000 vehicles were using it every day. (07/30/2008)
More than 4,000 people have taken the official tours offered by the new 35W bridge's builders every Saturday. (07/27/2008)
In Minnesota, one man has made it his mission to make sure new citizens are ready to exercise the right to vote. (07/18/2008)
About 50 children from the Hugo neighborhood that was hit by a tornado will attend an ecumenical day-camp this week designed to help them recover from the disaster. (07/07/2008)
Drivers crossing the Mississippi River in Hastings will get a reprieve for the next couple of weeks. (07/05/2008)
A second team of veterinarians from the University of Minnesota is in Iowa helping care for animals displaced by the floods. They are working in a make-shift shelter in Cedar Rapids, where more than 600 pets and stray animals are being housed. (07/03/2008)
The Highway 61 bridge into Hastings reopens to full traffic this weekend, to the relief of main steet businesses. (06/27/2008)
Minnesota will host Liberians from across the United States who are coming here to describe their lives since they fled their homeland. (06/09/2008)
Officials estimate that damage to personal property totals about $25 million as city officials put restrictions on contractors who will help with repair work. (05/27/2008)
Cleanup and recovery begin in earnest today in the city of Hugo, two days after a tornado ripped through town killing a toddler and destroying dozens of homes. Much of yesterday was spent assessing the damage and making the area where the tornado touched down was safe enough for residents to return. Officials gave residents an update on the damage last night and said many of the access restrictions will be lifted today. (05/27/2008)
Anti-war protesters say they may go to court to try to get the parade route they want during the Republican National Convention in September. (05/22/2008)
Some companies have had success recruiting professionals of color to the Twin Cities, but they've sometimes had difficulty retaining them. (05/21/2008)