Toni Randolph Feature Archive

The 2010 Census is underway. The Census Bureau dropped census forms in the mail and they should arrive in homes across the state and the country this week. (03/15/2010)
The clock is ticking once again for thousands of Liberian immigrants who've been living in the U.S. on a legal, but temporary, basis for years. (03/11/2010)
Census workers will soon disperse throughout the country in the decennial effort to count heads, determine congressional representation and federal funding to the states. (03/05/2010)
Pothole season is here early and some say it's worst the Twin Cities has seen in years. (02/23/2010)
A group of Gustavus Adolphus College students and faculty members are among those awaiting evacuation in Peru after mudslides swept an area near Machu Picchu. (01/27/2010)
About 50 media outlets in Minnesota will receive some of the $140 million the U.S. Census Bureau is spending on advertising for the decennial count. (01/27/2010)
Census officials are holding a kick-off event Thursday to raise awareness for the 2010 count. (01/14/2010)
Members of the Hmong community in the Twin Cities are trying to keep pressure on the U.S. government to help recently repatriated Hmong in Laos. (01/06/2010)
The U.S. Census Bureau's efforts to count citizens include placing advertisements in ethnic media outlets--whose audience is vital to Minnesota's push to keep its eight congressional seat--but local ethnic newspapers say they've been passed over. (12/24/2009)
Xcel Energy will provide rebates to business and residential customers who install solar systems that meet efficiency requirements. (12/07/2009)
President Obama plans to outline his war strategy in Afghanistan tonight. It's widely expected that he'll announce plans to deploy about 30-thousand more U.S. troops to the region. (12/01/2009)
The chairman of the U.S. House Transportation Committee says a billion-dollar estimate for the cost of a proposed high-speed rail line between the Twin Cities and Duluth is too high. (11/30/2009)
Minnesota's Attorney General has sued a Lakeville chiropractic clinic and its owner for credit card fraud. (11/24/2009)
A Minnesota school superintendent has filed a fraud suit against a religious order in the Roman Catholic Church, known as the Christian Brothers of the Midwest. (11/16/2009)
Retiree Ray McGee won't be at his St. Paul home when Census forms are mailed out next year, he'll be staying at his winter home in California. Minnesota officials are concerned about where these "snowbirds" will be counted--one of Minnesota's congressional seats depends on population numbers. (10/19/2009)