Annie Baxter Feature Archive

Pending home sales in the Twin Cities were sluggish for at least half the month of February, according to preliminary reports from the Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors. (03/08/2014)
At the end of 2013, about 10 percent of mortgaged properties were "underwater," down from about 16 percent a year earlier. (03/06/2014)
Only a handful of states produced a greater number of online job ads, said Steve Hine, Minnesota's chief labor market analyst. (03/05/2014)
Lenders are struggling to increase profits, in part because loan growth is lackluster, said Ron Feldman, executive vice president at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. (03/04/2014)
Creighton's Minnesota Business Conditions Index climbed to 64 in February from about 58 in January. Scores above 50 indicate economic expansion. (03/03/2014)
Minnesota's economic improvements translate to more tax dollars flowing into state coffers. Officials expect that pattern will continue. (02/28/2014)
The company has been laying off workers at headquarters in dribs and drabs, often on Tuesdays, according to MPR News sources. That's led some workers to dub those events "Termination Tuesday." (02/26/2014)
Twin Cities home prices ended 2013 up nearly 10 percent higher than the year before, but the "strongest part of the recovery" may be done. (02/25/2014)
Socially-minded business owners want the chance to legally establish their companies as benefit corporations, or B-corporations. The new kind of corporate charter first appeared in Maryland four years ago. Now, about 20 states allow it. (02/24/2014)
A spokesman for Minnesota State Patrol reports hundreds of vehicle spin-outs and accidents due to slick roads Monday morning. (02/17/2014)
The median sales price for homes climbed to $179,900, about 12 percent higher than January last year. (02/12/2014)
Every time a customer pays for something with a credit card, the proprietor of the business has to pay a cut of the transaction to banks and credit card companies. Merchants say the policy is too costly and too restrictive. (02/10/2014)
State and city governments are steering too much subsidized housing to Minneapolis and St. Paul -- at great societal and financial cost, according to the report issued today by the Institute on Metropolitan Opportunity at the University of Minnesota Law School. (02/07/2014)
A growing body of research indicates a strong link between health and housing. If patients' rent is too high, they might avoid spending money on medications to treat diabetes and other diseases. Frequent moves also can lead to or deepen mental health problems. (02/04/2014)
Factory supply managers in Minnesota expressed optimism about the economy in a survey conducted last month. (02/03/2014)