Annie Baxter Feature Archive

Minnesota-based retailers with operations on the East Coast say it's too early to gauge the financial impact of Hurricane Sandy. (10/29/2012)
Some powerful U.S. Senators are leveling serious charges against Medtronic, releasing today a sharply critical report on the company's spine product, InFuse. (10/25/2012)
Hot weather likely means greater energy use as Minnesotans turn on their air conditioners. (07/03/2012)
Groups backing same-sex marriage say they have gathered more than 80,000 signatures on petitions supporting General Mills. (07/03/2012)
While thousands of Minnesotans are still struggling with unemployment, some lucky workers are entertaining multiple job offers. That's the world of tech jobs these days, where demand for talent is so great that workers seem to be enjoying a seller's market. (07/02/2012)
Minnesota exports grew to nearly $5 billion in the first three months of the year, a 2 percent increase from the same period a year earlier. (06/28/2012)
TCF Bank says it's ditching a monthly maintenance fee for most of its checking accounts. The bank had imposed the fees in 2010 in response to federal restrictions that cut into revenue. (06/27/2012)
A housing index shows that Twin Cities home prices logged gains in April. (06/26/2012)
Best Buy's CEO and its founder recently left the company after a scandal. And the retailer has faced lots of criticism that it hasn't done enough to respond to fierce competition from online and bricks and mortar rivals. Some Best Buy employees who spoke to MPR News are still confident in the company's future, while others are planning their exit strategy. (06/21/2012)
Best Buy's leaders promised more aggressive cost-cutting and innovation at today's annual shareholder meeting. (06/21/2012)
The median sales price climbed to $169,000, notching a roughly 11 percent gain from the same month last year. Prices rose in April and March as well. (06/12/2012)
Regional reports on the job and housing markets for the month of May are due out this week. (06/11/2012)
Best Buy founder and chairman Richard Schulze is stepping down from his board position earlier than originally planned to explore options for his hefty 20 percent stake in the company. (06/07/2012)
Twin Cities-based Supervalu plans to cut up to 2,500 western U.S. workers in its Albertson's subsidiary. (06/07/2012)
Minneapolis-based Thrivent Financial for Lutherans says it's considering backing off its Lutheran membership requirement. (06/06/2012)