Nikki Tundel Feature Archive

Early autumn brought all kinds of color to Minnesota. Reporter Nikki Tundel captured some of this fall's offerings. (10/13/2010)
Roadside memorials are often seen along the country's highways, typically noting the location where someone died along that road. More recently, homemade memorials have made their way off the streets and into residential neighborhoods. Reporter Nikki Tundel documented some of the makeshift memorials around the Twin Cities. (09/29/2010)
Anna Nottleson, 7, has been looking forward to the start of the 2010-2011 school year. She spent her last few hours of summer vacation preparing for her first day of second grade. (09/07/2010)
It's not often you see models trying to devour their outfits on the runway. But that's just the kind of thing that can happen at the Minnesota State Fair's 4-H Lamb Lead Show. Reporter Nikki Tundel checks out a livestock competition where farm animals and fashion collide. (09/06/2010)
Thousands of items are judged each year at the Minnesota State Fair by a wide array of experts. Photographer Nikki Tundel documented several of those competitions this year for All Things Considered. (09/03/2010)
It's often the big things that get all the attention at the Minnesota State Fair. The big boar. The big slide. The biggest bucket of cookies. Instead we're taking a close-up look at some of the fair's smaller details. (08/31/2010)
Over 2,700 4-H youth are competing in the 2010 Minnesota State Fair, showing everything from cattle to needlepoint. (08/30/2010)
Preteens in pink chaps and gem-encrusted shirts rounded the ring at the Washington County Fair's 4-H Horse Show this week. The county competition is one of dozens leading up to the Minnesota State Fair. Reporter Nikki Tundel caught some of the pint-sized equestrians in action. (08/07/2010)
Hundreds of poets are in St. Paul for the 2010 National Poetry Slam. Spoken-word artists from across the country have come to show off both their writing and performance skills in front of thousands of spectators. (08/06/2010)
Studies show that structures covered with community-oriented artwork are rarely the targets of vandals. (07/28/2010)
About 90,000 people showed up to watch 37 an unusual competition on Harriet Island. (07/24/2010)
About 40,000 spectators are expected to watch the Red Bull Flugtag competition going on this afternoon on Harriet Island in St. Paul. Teams build their own flying machines in hopes of winning. We see how one team, the Chicks on a Stick, have been preparing for the competition. (07/24/2010)
Mutton busting is one of the most popular events for kids at Wisconsin's annual Farm Technology Days. Minnesota Public Radio offers a glimpse into this increasingly popular activity. (07/22/2010)
On June 17, 2010, nearly 40 tornados were reported across the state of Minnesota. One of those twisters tore through the Zeller family farm in Alden. (06/21/2010)
Brittany Christianson is participating in Minnesota's largest nurses' strike. Her emotions range from nervous to excited to sad. The 24-hour work stoppage means she'll be turning her patients over to a non-union, replacement nurse. (06/10/2010)