Nikki Tundel Feature Archive

The Minnesota Legislature convened Tuesday under full GOP control for the first time in 38 years. (01/04/2011)
Scenes from the inauguration of Mark Dayton (DFL) as Minnesota's 40th governor in St. Paul, Minn. on Jan. 3, 2011. (01/03/2011)
In the age of megachurches, a growing number of Christians are looking for a more intimate way to connect with God and each other. Enter the home church movement. (12/09/2010)
The recount of Minnesota's gubernatorial election is well underway with more than 70 percent of the ballots counted in only a few days. This gallery shows just a handful of the ballots being challenged by both sides. (12/01/2010)
Minnesota's Red Bull brigade will deploy to Kuwait and Iraq in the spring of 2011. Reporter Nikki Tundel went to Camp Ripley, near Little Falls, Minnesota, to catch a day in the life of the 34th Infantry division and learn how they're preparing for their mission. (11/23/2010)
The Scott County Historical Society honored veterans with a luminary display in Stans Garden in Shakopee, Minn., on Veterans Day, Thursday, Nov. 11, 2010. The display was made up of 100 decorated paper bags, each with a lit votive candle inside. Some honored those currently serving in the military. Others acknowledged veterans who have died. (11/11/2010)
Tommy Johnson served in Korea and spends every Veterans Day at the Hopkins VFW. (11/11/2010)
The polls may open at 7 a.m. on Election Day, but polling places are buzzing much earlier than that. Reporter Nikki Tundel stopped by the Nokomis Community Center in Minneapolis to catch some of the election preparations. (11/02/2010)
Early autumn brought all kinds of color to Minnesota. Reporter Nikki Tundel captured some of this fall's offerings. (10/13/2010)
Roadside memorials are often seen along the country's highways, typically noting the location where someone died along that road. More recently, homemade memorials have made their way off the streets and into residential neighborhoods. Reporter Nikki Tundel documented some of the makeshift memorials around the Twin Cities. (09/29/2010)
Anna Nottleson, 7, has been looking forward to the start of the 2010-2011 school year. She spent her last few hours of summer vacation preparing for her first day of second grade. (09/07/2010)
It's not often you see models trying to devour their outfits on the runway. But that's just the kind of thing that can happen at the Minnesota State Fair's 4-H Lamb Lead Show. Reporter Nikki Tundel checks out a livestock competition where farm animals and fashion collide. (09/06/2010)
Thousands of items are judged each year at the Minnesota State Fair by a wide array of experts. Photographer Nikki Tundel documented several of those competitions this year for All Things Considered. (09/03/2010)
It's often the big things that get all the attention at the Minnesota State Fair. The big boar. The big slide. The biggest bucket of cookies. Instead we're taking a close-up look at some of the fair's smaller details. (08/31/2010)
Over 2,700 4-H youth are competing in the 2010 Minnesota State Fair, showing everything from cattle to needlepoint. (08/30/2010)