Mark Zdechlik Feature Archive

Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann continued to defend her plan for dramatic spending cuts during a Q-and-A at Drake University Thursday. (11/17/2011)
The campaign on television may be the biggest reality show of the year, extravagant broadcasts with elaborate, custom-designed sets and graphics, and large live audiences coached to cheer as they would at a rock concert or football game. (11/11/2011)
Some analysts say Republican Michele Bachmann could do well in South Carolina, but has some hurdles to leap to capture that state. (11/07/2011)
Campaign officials for Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann declined to disclose the number in attendance at her Minneapolis fundraiser or how much campaign money was raised. (10/27/2011)
Gov. Mark Dayton kicked off his jobs summit at a downtown St. Paul hotel this morning by talking about the economic challenges facing the state and nation. (10/25/2011)
The New Hampshire staffers who left Republican Michele Bachmann's presidential campaign issued a statement on Monday harshly critical of Bachmann's national campaign staff. (10/24/2011)
Homeschoolers have proven to be important allies for candidates and political causes, and could be Michele Bachmann's key to winning the Iowa caucus. (10/24/2011)
Michele Bachmann will spend part of this week in Iowa, insisting she is the only true conservative in the GOP nomination battle. (10/17/2011)
Public opinion polls suggest Rep. Michele Bachmann's quest for the Republican presidential nomination is in trouble, and talk in political circles has turned to the impact her White House aspirations may have on her re-election chances to Congress. (10/11/2011)
Rep. Michele Bachmann has been struggling in the polls of late, so supporters and opponents alike are wondering whether that stream of grass roots financial support is enough to keep her ambitions alive. (10/03/2011)
Promoting lower taxes and reduced government regulation as ways to spur the economy and create jobs, Michele Bachmann, R-Minn. continues a two-day presidential campaign tour Tuesday in Iowa. (09/20/2011)
Her Iowa supporters say Rep. Michele Bachmann needs to realize the media buzz that propelled her to victory in the Ames Straw Poll is gone, and it's time to press the flesh with everyday voters. (09/19/2011)
Looking for campaign traction during Monday's GOP presidential debate, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann criticized Texas Gov. Rick Perry over a requirement to vaccinate young girls for a sexually transmitted disease. (09/13/2011)
Pawlenty's endorsement of Romney for president marks a departure from the sharp rhetoric the Minnesotan used when he was campaigning for the Republican nomination, harshly criticizing Romney for supporting state-mandated health care as Massachusetts governor. (09/12/2011)
Rep. Michele Bachmann announced her presidential campaign at a GOP debate in June in Manchester. But since then, she has only returned to the state once. (09/09/2011)