Mark Zdechlik Feature Archive

Fed up with tea party movement adherents in Congress who insisted upon a government shutdown, some business groups are signaling they've had enough. (10/28/2013)
Sen. Al Franken says he and other lawmakers are not giving up their effort to repeal the medical device tax passed as part of the Affordable Care Act. (10/24/2013)
The latest temporary budget fix in Washington means hundreds of thousands of furloughed federal workers are back on the job. (10/17/2013)
Grams, who served a term in the U.S. House and a term in the Senate in the 1990s, is being remembered as a principled, humble conservative who helped usher in a new era of politics in Minnesota and Washington. (10/09/2013)
One week into the government shutdown, 148 more federal employees in Minnesota were sent home on furlough Tuesday. (10/08/2013)
Democrats and Republicans blame each other for the first federal government shutdown in 17 years, but they're also asking themselves who will voters blame in next year's Congressional elections? (10/03/2013)
The biggest effect of the federal government shutdown will be felt by government employees. In Minnesota as many as 19,000 people work for the federal government. Many are coming to terms with the reality that they may not be working for a while - or that they may be working without pay. (10/01/2013)
Thousands of federal employees in Minnesota could be sent home if the federal government shuts down over opposition to a continuing resolution to fund government operations without changes to the Affordable Care Act. For the short-term, a shut down would mean little more than political theater, but a prolonged impasse could hurt the U.S. economy. (09/30/2013)
An attorney and a 25-year Army reservist who was deployed to Iraq about 10 years ago, Dahlberg, served on the Duluth City Council before being elected to the St. Louis County Board, which he chairs. He joins four other Republicans who hope to run against Sen. Al Franken next year. (09/26/2013)
Cigarette sales in Minnesota have dropped since a $1.60 per pack tax increase took effect July 1, while sales of "roll-your-own" tobacco and e-cigarettes have increased. At the same time, ClearWay has seen interest in its smoking cessation programs rise by 240 percent. (09/25/2013)
When U.S. Rep. Tim Walz met with constituents to hear opinions on whether the U.S. should attack Syria, there was a clear consensus: No. (09/06/2013)
Some rank-and-file Democrats say if Obama goes ahead with a military strike, he'll anger many of those who supported him for opposing the Iraq war. The situation also poses potential political problems for members of Congress who support military action against Syria, including DFL U.S. Sen. Al Franken. (08/30/2013)
DFL Sen. Al Franken said he does not think the Obama administration needs Congress' approval to launch a strike in Syria. He called the use of chemical weapons a violation of international norms that must have consequences. "This cannot be allowed to stand," he said. (08/27/2013)
State and federal officials are concerned that when some Minnesotans become severely intoxicated they may not receive the care they need to safely sober up -- about a third of detox facilities in Minnesota have closed over the past decade. (08/26/2013)
In the first half of this year, foreclosures in Minnesota were down nearly 50 percent from the same period three years ago. Although the situation is improving, plenty of homeowners are still struggling. Provisions of a new state law that took effect this month allow them to stop foreclosure if the process is not being properly conducted. (08/23/2013)