Cathy Wurzer Feature Archive

In an executive order issued Monday, Dayton said the portion of state employees who are disabled has shrunk significantly over the past 15 years. (08/07/2014)
Today's Morning Edition music is from 50 years ago today when Rod Stewart performed on television for the first time. (08/06/2014)
Today's Morning Edition music is from Glen Hansard and his song "Love Don't Leave Me Waiting" from his first solo album "Rhythm and Repose." (08/05/2014)
Today's Morning Edition music is from Paul McCartney and a recording from a live performance of his during a U.S. tour in 1976. (08/01/2014)
The Minnesota Department of Health can store newborn blood samples and test results indefinitely under a new law that goes into effect today. (08/01/2014)
Charges are expected today in the shooting death of 49-year-old Mendota Heights police officer Scott Patrick. The incident comes as police departments nationwide are grappling with a recent uptick in gun violence against officers. (08/01/2014)
The Minnesota Lynx have extended their winning streak to eight games. (08/01/2014)
Today's Morning Edition music is from acclaimed jazz vocalist Tierney Sutton singing "All I Want." The song is from the 2013 album "After Blue" which is a collection of her interpretations of Joni Mitchell songs. (07/31/2014)
The Target corporation has picked a new CEO. Brian Cornell will be joining the Twin Cities-based retailer on August 12th. (07/31/2014)
Target has named a new CEO. It hired Brian Cornell, a senior executive at PepsiCo. MPR's Cathy Wurzer spoke with Brian Yarbrough, an analyst with Edward Jones, about the hire. (07/31/2014)
With deadly diseases just a plane ride away these days, we wondered what the likelihood is that we could see a case of Ebola in this country. The director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, joined MPR's Cathy Wurzer. (07/31/2014)
Today's Morning Edition music is from 40 years ago this week when "Annie's Song" by John Denver was No. 1 on the pop charts. (07/30/2014)
John LaDue, 17, was once charged with planning to kill his family and bomb his school, but a judge has dismissed the most serious of those charges. MPR's Cathy Wurzer spoke with reporter Elizabeth Baier about the community's reaction after the judge's order. (07/30/2014)
In sports, the Minnesota Twins play the White Sox tonight at Target Field. Across the street at Target Center, the Lynx host the San Antonio Stars. (07/25/2014)
Scientists are celebrating the completion of one of the largest plastic structures ever built. (07/25/2014)