Brandt Williams Feature Archive

Keith Sandberg said the Colfax Avenue fire was the most intense he'd ever encountered. "You're going to do anything to get the kids out." (10/10/2014)
The ability to match casings left behind at shootings can provide valuable leads to solve crimes, officials say. (10/07/2014)
The union that represents county deputies endorsed Sheriff Rich Stanek's opponent, Eddie Frizell, a police and military veteran. (10/06/2014)
Police Chief Janee Harteau skipped a meeting because of a perceived threat. But community groups say they just wanted her to listen. (09/19/2014)
City attorneys deny the officer used excessive force and they say Alicia Joneja resisted the officer's attempts to control her. (09/19/2014)
Chief wants volunteer chaplains "fully engaged" in improving relations between cops, citizens. (09/18/2014)
Ricky James Bedell refused to take part in a chemical dependency program in October because he would be required to talk about the crime that got him locked up. (09/15/2014)
Flowers alleges he was beaten by officers who came to arrest his teenage daughter. (09/10/2014)
Mayor Betsy Hodges told the cadets that the city faces a challenge in erasing racial disparities. (09/10/2014)
The nonprofit Land and Parks Alliance of Minneapolis argues an appropriate environmental review hasn't been conducted on the route. (09/08/2014)
Minneapolis police cite gang violence as a factor in the rising number of shootings in north Minneapolis. An officer who grew up there said police must work with residents to address crime. (09/05/2014)
Five months ago, the city appeared to be on a collision course with the Metropolitan Council over the project. (08/29/2014)
The videotaped arrest of a man by St. Paul Police in January has been the talk of social media this week -- so much so that Police Chief Tom Smith felt compelled to defend his officers. (08/28/2014)
Abu-Huraira Islamic Center proposed a mosque at the old Medtronic headquarters in St. Anthony at 3055 Old Highway 8. The City Council voted 4-1 in June 2012 not to issue a conditional use permit for the mosque, citing appropriate land use. (08/27/2014)
A number of police departments around the state are either using or planning to use body cameras on officers. It's remains unclear, however, clear is whether the cameras are helping to catch criminals or protect police from lawsuits. (08/26/2014)