Brandt Williams Feature Archive

Prosecutors said Michael Garant illegally bought guns for Ray Kmetz, who shot at police outside a New Hope City Council meeting in January. Officers returned fire, killing Kmetz. (05/01/2015)
Undaunted by criticism, Nekima Levy-Pounds, a law professor at the University of St. Thomas and a leading voice for civil rights, is running for president of the Minneapolis NAACP. (05/01/2015)
Members of the City Council's Ways and Means Committee on Monday recommended allowing CenturyLink to compete with Comcast for customers. (04/28/2015)
Pastor Harding Smith announced Friday that Collins' mother should be on her way to the United States from Liberia. (04/24/2015)
Most of the money will go to the plaintiff's attorneys. (04/22/2015)
Police Chief Janee Harteau told City Council members that five officers and a supervisor will seek information on gang activity that can be used to prevent violence. (04/22/2015)
Ramsey County gang prosecutions are up but the shifting nature of gangs makes it more challenging for police and for neighborhood groups trying to keep kids out of gang life. (04/22/2015)
A recent report showed that officers rarely provide details of so-called "suspicious person" stops. (04/15/2015)
So far this season, the Twins have struggled. On Monday, the Kansas City Royals beat the Twins 12-3, and Minnesota dropped to 1-6 under new manager Paul Molitor. (04/13/2015)
Minneapolis police officers rarely record details of their encounters with people they detain but ultimately don't arrest, a civilian review board says. (04/09/2015)
Police have one suspect in custody. A second subject, described as an adult male, remains at large. (04/08/2015)
With a focus on local and twists on the classics, new offerings at the Twins' ballpark include Red Cow burgers and a Bloody Mary garnished with cold pizza. (04/07/2015)
Two Minneapolis City Council members say the laws are grounded in racism and want them off the books. They took the first steps Friday. (04/03/2015)
Superintendent Willie Jett says school staff and administrators are listening to suggestions from students and may make policy changes. (03/27/2015)
Of the 26 cadets who started their training Monday at the Minneapolis Police Academy, eight are women and seven are people of color. (03/23/2015)