Brandt Williams Feature Archive

Police and community leaders hope small gatherings, like one Tuesday night at a north Minneapolis police station, will ease tensions between officers and people of color. (01/21/2015)
Despite positive crime data, Chief Janee Harteau spent more time Thursday answering questions about how to improve relations between police and people of color. (01/15/2015)
Hennepin County District Court Judge Lois Conroy ordered Colin Chisholm to serve 21 months for receiving $168,000 in welfare benefits he did not need. (01/05/2015)
Larry Havluck has brought his distinctive voice to the Minneapolis soundtrack for more than 30 years. (12/23/2014)
Protesters with their arms in the air, chanting, "Hands up! Don't shoot!" walked through the Mall of America Saturday afternoon, while others gathered in the building's rotunda amid stories-high silver Christmas trees, chanting "Black Lives Matter." (12/20/2014)
An apparent killing at a Maple Grove rest area early Wednesday led to a police chase that ended with officers killing the suspect. (12/17/2014)
Investigators continue to follow leads but haven't made any arrests and continue to ask for the public's help. (12/15/2014)
Citing studies that show female officers are better than males at defusing potentially violent confrontations, some advocates say police departments should hire more women. (12/14/2014)
Officials say the suspect is a white male in his mid-30s wearing a dark colored coat with a horizontal stripe across the chest. (12/09/2014)
Protesters walked from south Minneapolis, blocked part of Interstate 35W and rallied at Minneapolis City Hall protesting police brutality and racism around the country Thursday afternoon. (12/04/2014)
The march and blockade were tied largely to outrage over the refusal of grand juries in New York and Ferguson, Missouri, to indict police officers who killed black men during confrontations. (12/04/2014)
After the Minnesota Twins announced that the team signed Torii Hunter to a one-year contract, he and a reporter had a terse exchange over his views on gay marriage. (12/03/2014)
A University of Minnesota study found sidewalks that cut into the roots of Minneapolis boulevard trees made those trees twice as likely as others to topple. (12/02/2014)
According to a complaint, Daquein McNeil struck his girlfriend with a leather belt and tried to strangle her. U of M officials suspended him from the team. (11/26/2014)
Students and activists across the state Tuesday protested the Missouri grand jury's decision. Rallies were peaceful, although a woman was hit by a car during a late afternoon rally in Minneapolis. (11/25/2014)