Brandt Williams Feature Archive

Minneapolis police officers rarely record details of their encounters with people they detain but ultimately don't arrest, a civilian review board says. (04/09/2015)
Police have one suspect in custody. A second subject, described as an adult male, remains at large. (04/08/2015)
With a focus on local and twists on the classics, new offerings at the Twins' ballpark include Red Cow burgers and a Bloody Mary garnished with cold pizza. (04/07/2015)
Two Minneapolis City Council members say the laws are grounded in racism and want them off the books. They took the first steps Friday. (04/03/2015)
Superintendent Willie Jett says school staff and administrators are listening to suggestions from students and may make policy changes. (03/27/2015)
Of the 26 cadets who started their training Monday at the Minneapolis Police Academy, eight are women and seven are people of color. (03/23/2015)
Drivers who drink, for example, tend to believe they can handle their alcohol. (03/17/2015)
A Brooklyn Center man scheduled to be sentenced this week for attempted murder is involved in a feud that law enforcement officials call one of the most violent they've ever seen. (03/17/2015)
Federal prosecutors say 33-year-old Angela Carter, a former school lunch cook, admitted to buying two guns for her boyfriend, 20-year-old gang member Keniko Bland. (03/11/2015)
Eleven people who participated in a Dec. 20 demonstration at the Mall of America are charged with trespassing, disorderly conduct and unlawful assembly. They have pleaded not guilty. (03/10/2015)
Bloomington City Attorney Sandra Johnson said that protest organizers face thousands of dollars in fines and restitution, for extra security costs. (03/09/2015)
Kibbie Shakeel Walker, 23, admitted to firing multiple shots at a car outside the Hennepin County Medical Center, hitting a pregnant female passenger in the leg. (03/05/2015)
According to court documents, members of the Young N Thuggin and Taliban gangs frequently travel to St. Cloud and Duluth in Minnesota, and to Fargo, N.D., to sell drugs. (03/04/2015)
A report released Monday by the state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension shows more Minnesotans have valid permits to carry firearms than at any time since the state revamped the gun law in 2003. (03/02/2015)
The Minneapolis police officer shot and wounded over the weekend has been released from the hospital. Community leaders say the incident is helping bring police and neighbors closer. (02/23/2015)