Brandt Williams Feature Archive

Nearly 20 years after a Minneapolis police sergeant became the first openly gay officer, the city now has its first openly gay police chief. The number of out lesbian and gay police officers in Minneapolis has increased over the years. Some police officials say the increase in numbers and visibility of gay and lesbian officers has changed the culture of the department. (12/12/2012)
In the wake of the accidental shooting death of a 2-year-old boy Wednesday, Minneapolis police are reminding gun owners to keep their firearms away from small children. (12/06/2012)
Janee Harteau, the first female and first openly gay police chief in Minneapolis history, was sworn in Tuesday at a ceremony at City Hall. (12/04/2012)
Minneapolis elections officials say high voter turnout and thousands of same-day registrations led to long lines at some polling sites on Election Day. (12/03/2012)
The Richfield Police Department is investigating an incident in October involving a convicted felon found in a minivan full of rifles and shotguns. (12/03/2012)
The Minneapolis City Council Friday morning approved the appointment of Janee Harteau as the city's next police chief. (11/30/2012)
Acting-Police Chief Janee Harteau appears to be on a smooth path toward confirmation for the job. A City Council committee Wednesday afternoon unanimously approved her nomination to become Minneapolis' next top cop. (11/28/2012)
The City Council is expected to vote this week to approve the nomination of Janee Harteau as the next chief of police. If confirmed, Harteau will be the Minneapolis' first female police chief. (11/26/2012)
The Metropolitan Airports Commission voted to support partially implementing a proposed change in flight patterns at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. (11/19/2012)
A police brutality lawsuit and a personal injury claim were settled Friday. (11/16/2012)
Minneapolis police have given the all clear after they responded to a report of shots fired inside a downtown office building. (11/16/2012)
A plan to alter the path of airplanes that take-off and land at Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport was OK'd by a Metropolitan Airports Commission committee Wednesday. (11/15/2012)
The city's biggest road project this year was the reconstruction of Nicollet Avenue between Lake Street and 36th Street. (11/13/2012)
Minneapolis police say a 21-year-old man was charged Monday for assaulting and seriously injuring an infant at a north Minneapolis home last month. (11/12/2012)
Under the new system, residents can combine all their recyclable refuse in one container without separating paper, plastic, glass and other items. (11/12/2012)