Brandt Williams Feature Archive

Hennepin and Ramsey counties are suing a national registry of mortgages to recover unpaid fees. (02/15/2013)
Minneapolis police officials say the officer charged Friday with multiple counts of criminal sexual conduct with young girls is no longer on the force. (02/08/2013)
The Hennepin County Attorney's office Thursday charged a Minnetrista man with criminal vehicular homicide. (02/07/2013)
Investigators discovered that the officer allegedly used social media websites to contact several girls between the ages of 12 and 14. (02/07/2013)
A half dozen police chiefs and sheriffs argued Tuesday in a packed Capitol hearing room that Minnesota isn't doing enough to protect against gun violence, kicking off three days of hearings on a host of new proposed limits on firearm ownership. (02/05/2013)
Local police officials say new gun laws can help reduce gun violence in north Minneapolis. But some say Obama's proposals don't do enough to protect the people most at risk to be victimized by gun violence. (02/05/2013)
President Barack Obama planned to be in Minneapolis on Monday to push for tougher gun laws and highlight some of the things Minneapolis has done to reduce gun violence. He comes here as Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak and other mayors from across the country are looking at a way to put direct pressure on gun makers. (02/04/2013)
Mayor R.T. Rybak wants to know if the companies that manufacture the guns and ammunition for the city's police officers also are lobbying against tighter gun laws. (01/30/2013)
An advocacy group for Muslims in Minnesota has asked the FBI to investigate claims that some of its agents repeatedly tried to intimidate a Somali man. (01/30/2013)
Hennepin County prosecutors Tuesday charged a Maple Grove city council member with perjury and for financially exploiting her ailing father before he died last year. (01/29/2013)
A racketeering trial involving three members of a Native American gang began Monday morning in federal court. (01/28/2013)
The Minneapolis City Council on Friday approved a post-verdict settlement of $595,000 to a firefighter who successfully sued the city last month. (01/25/2013)
Officials with the Minneapolis Fire Department say one firefighter was injured battling a three-alarm blaze which heavily damaged two south Minneapolis businesses, including a popular pizza joint. (01/25/2013)
More than 20 years ago, the CDC angered gun rights supporters when it reported that a gun in the home is more likely to be used on the resident than on an intruder. Some Minnesota gun owners dispute the data, and say having a gun at home has helped them protect their families and their property. (01/17/2013)
The president of the National Rifle Association says he would like lawmakers to pay more attention to treatment for violent, mentally ill people rather than restrict gun rights. (01/14/2013)