William Wilcoxen Feature Archive

Many neighbors fear the spread of regional and national chains attracted by Grand Avenue's success will spoil the character that helped make the avenue what it is today. (02/16/2006)
One of the city's landmarks, the First National Bank Building, reflects both the uncertainty and the promise of Saint Paul's business future. (11/25/2005)
The current mayor of Minneapolis and the future mayor of St. Paul met Wednesday to congratulate one another on their respective victories in Tuesday's elections. They said they expect to replace the two cities' rivalry with a new era of cooperation on issues that affect both Twin Cities. (11/09/2005)
There's speculation that Ford will announce plant closings on Thursday. Experts disagree on whether the plant in St. Paul is a likely target for cutbacks. (10/19/2005)
A team of St. Paul police officers is counting its blessings after spending 19 days helping law enforcement comrades in New Orleans. (10/10/2005)
Hockey fans reveled in a 6-3 Wild victory as the National Hockey League returned to the ice after the labor dispute that cancelled last season. (10/06/2005)
Minnesota is responding to Hurricane Katrina with its publicly-funded resources, as well as with private donations. (09/04/2005)
Friends and family of Clarks Grove, Minnesota, native Corey Goodnature are mourning the Army Warrant Officer's death in Afghanistan. Goodnature was among 16 soldiers killed when their Chinook helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan. (07/03/2005)
The Minneapolis-based Center for Victims of Torture marks its 20th birthday, and enters political waters by calling on the U.S. to renounce torture in interrogation policy. (06/26/2005)
A political newcomer who calls himself a centrist Democrat has entered the race for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Mark Dayton. Kelly Doran will use some of his personal wealth as he woos moderate Democrats in the race. (06/05/2005)
Supporters of the Walker Art Center are thrilled to have the Minneapolis museum and performance space open again, following a 14-month expansion project. After several days of VIP events, regular art lovers and curious neighbors got a look at the new building on its opening day Sunday. (04/17/2005)
Kevin McHale's coaching career got off to an inauspicious start Sunday, when the Minnesota Timberwolves lost a close one to the Chicago Bulls, 87-83 at Target Center. Veteran coach Flip Saunders was fired over the weekend because of the team's poor performance this season. (02/14/2005)
By the end of this week, Minnesota's capital city may have more nightlife in its parks than in its bars and restaurants. The St. Paul Winter Carnival's Treasure Hunt is underway, and the dedicated hunters involved in the chase are profiled in a new documentary. (01/24/2005)
A week after the tsunami disaster in south Asia, relief workers say the response has finally turned a corner -- and now involves helping survivors rather than assessing damage. A Northfield, Minnesota, native who now works for the Twin Cities-based American Refugee Committee in Thailand spoke with MPR's William Wilcoxen. (01/03/2005)
The nurse whose impromptu flu shot clinics at Augsburg College have caused a stir is insisting anew that she did nothing wrong. Michelle Torgerson says she did not dilute or otherwise tamper with the flu vaccine left over from her employer's previous clinic. (12/13/2004)