William Wilcoxen Feature Archive

St. Paul's University Ave. has a history as an entertainment destination and a gathering place that changes with the times. (05/28/2008)
Officials Monday afternoon identified 2-year-old Nathaniel Prindle as the one fatality in Sunday's tornado. In addition, they said his his 4-year-old sister was transported to a St. Paul hospital. Seventeen other people were hospitalized and 32 people were treated at a local school. (05/26/2008)
As gas prices have climbed, more and more people are getting out of their cars and in to buses. (05/23/2008)
As April draws to a close, Minnesotans usually think about turning off their furnaces and radiators for the season. But in many cases, utility companies are doing it for them. (04/29/2008)
Many services for immigrants to Minnesota are aimed at helping new arrivals from Southeast Asia, Africa or Latin America. But in some neighborhoods, institutions that served immigrants of a previous century carry on, as well. (04/02/2008)
Federal immigration officials say 36 illegal immigrants were arrested during a three-day sweep through the Worthington - Sioux Falls area last week. (03/04/2008)
The Minnesota Twins are spending millions of dollars to beef up their roster and their new ballpark. (02/13/2008)
Between rising unemployment, falling interest rates, precipitous market swings and proposals for stimulus, the economy has been prominent in the headlines for the past couple of weeks, and Minnesotans of all walks of life are feeling the affects in different ways. (01/24/2008)
Minnesota's new job numbers paint a grim economic picture. The state economist has even suggested that Minnesota is in a recession, although the governor is not convinced. There's no denying recent job losses, though. The state lost 2,300 jobs in December and ten times that number over the past six months. (01/16/2008)
The Vikings beat the Chicago Bears 20-13 to stay in control of the NFC's last wild-card spot, despite four turnovers and a missed extra point. (12/17/2007)
About 20 U.S. prison inmates serving time in Minnesota could be released as a result of a federal panel's decision to retroactively apply shorter sentences for crack cocaine offenses. (12/11/2007)
A new report finds less than 7 percent of St. Paul's contracts last year went to companies owned by women and minorities. (11/29/2007)
A new St. Paul development may help boost a neighborhood in need. (11/27/2007)
For the first time in 13 years, the Minnesota Timberwolves will be without Kevin Garnett, who was traded during the off season. Team officials hope local sports fans will take a liking to the young bunch of Wolves who will carry on without K.G. (11/02/2007)
Approximately 460 jobs would be eliminated in Minneapolis, where ResCap is based and employs 1,550 people. That would be the largest job losses in any one city. (10/17/2007)