William Wilcoxen Feature Archive

Despite the headlines, Carl Pohlad still owns the Minnesota Twins, and the opponents of a publicly subsidized baseball stadium in Saint Paul are still against the idea. (10/08/1999)
When given a chance to raise their own taxes, voters usually decline the opportunity to pay more. But that tendency will be tested next month in Saint Paul, where a ballot question asks if the city should raise its sales tax to help pay for a new open-air baseball stadium for the Minnesota Twins. In part three of our series on the stadium issue, Minnesota Public Radio's William Wilcoxen looks at the prospect of a tax hike in Saint Paul and the economic benefits ballpark advocates say the city would reap. (10/06/1999)
How did the Metrodome go from new to inadequate in less than two decades? Would a new ballpark have a longer life span? In part one of our series on the stadium referendum, Minnesota Public Radio's William Wilcoxen has this look at the Metrodome and its prospective successor in Saint Paul. (10/04/1999)
Taking Carl Pohlad out of the picture doesn't seem to change people's minds on a new stadium for the Minnesota Twins. (08/04/1999)
Although he leaves in the shadow of scandal, Clem Haskins' contributions to basketball and young people are worth acknowledging. (06/25/1999)
St. Paul Mayor Coleman briefs the city council on his idea for a new stadium, and suggests no money will be spent until Major League Baseball gets its finances straight. (06/24/1999)
The U of M's basketball program leads the Big Ten in revenue. The fallout from the cheating scandal, could spread to other sports. (06/21/1999)
As St. Paul Mayor Norm Coleman puts a petition drive together for a state-funded baseball stadium, a key legislator says he needn't bother. (06/11/1999)
U of M officials hope new rules will prevent abuses in athletic programs. (06/08/1999)
St. Paul officials look to Tennessee for inspiration on rejuvenating the city's riverfront. (06/07/1999)
A lost season ends for the once-promising team. Fans hope the team's future doesn't mirror its past. (05/17/1999)
University auditor says money is sometimes dedicated for purposes that are not appropriate university expenses, such as a $9,000 trip to Las Vegas for the men's basketball coaches and their spouses. (05/07/1999)
The former head of the academic counseling unit says University of Minnesota faculty and officials knew all about cheating in the men's basketball program. (04/20/1999)
Poll shows public support for Haskins will wane quickly if cheating allegations are proven. (04/16/1999)