Bill Wareham Feature Archive

The TCF Bank Stadium in Minneapolis is the venue for a huge concert Saturday by the Irish rock band U2. When the concert came up in conversation in the newsroom today, it exposed a deeper-than-expected cultural divide. On one side, there was open derision of U2 as dated, overblown and overrated. On the other side, you heard almost sheepish defense of Bono and company from those who have tickets to the concert. (07/21/2011)
Minnesota public employee retirees have lost a round in their effort to turn back pension changes made by lawmakers last year. (06/30/2011)
A committee at the University of Minnesota has decided that Steve Sviggum faces a conflict of interest serving as a regent and holding teaching position at the university. (03/30/2011)
More than a surfin' bird. (02/06/2011)
The U.S. Census Bureau today provided its most detailed look at Americans in about 10 years. It comes in the form of survey data that drills down to the neighborhood level -- almost down to what's happening on your block in some cases. (12/14/2010)
The Iraq effect was certainly apparent in the state's U.S. Senate race, and it may well have affected local races too. Ultimately, though, it wasn't strong enough to push Gov. Tim Pawlenty from office. (11/08/2006)
Exit poll data suggests John Kerry's victory in Minnesota was more a rejection of President Bush than an affirmation of the Democratic challenger. Read the full exit poll results and listen to voters explain why they voted the way they did. (11/02/2004)
Minnesota has one of the highest teen suicide rates in the nation. Families in crisis may have to wait months for treatment of mental health diseases, and health care organizations are closing mental health treatment facilities even as the rates of mental health disease soar. Some mental health experts say the state is "a basket case" when it comes to providing proper treatment. (02/09/2004)
Polling done this week by Minnesota Public Radio and the St. Paul Pioneer Press supports the notion that Governor Jesse Ventura's popularity has taken a hit in the wake of his Playboy magazine interview. (10/08/1999)
A Minnesota House committee voted to withhold state money from Minnesota Public Radio unless the network sells its KSJN broadcast frequency to a group of minority broadcasters. Minnesota Public Radio's Bill Wareham reports. (04/17/1997)