Karen Louise Boothe Feature Archive

Provide more job training; access to affordable childcare. (08/10/1998)
Reduce property taxes by 20 percent; maintain current sales tax. (08/06/1998)
Tax policies and education funding proposals linked; cut in state property taxes. (08/04/1998)
Expand the school day; state pay all costs for K-12 education. (07/28/1998)
Extra help for poor districts; no to vouchers. (07/27/1998)
The Republican party's choice for governor in '94 faces an uphill battle for endorsement this time around. (06/17/1998)
The DFL state convention endorsed five women for state office - but none for top spot. (06/08/1998)
This ad exec found a way to inject his spiritual values into his job. He's representative of a trend. (04/27/1998)
A forum sponsored by Minnesota Public Radio, the Star Tribune, and KTCA-TV brought together concerned Minnesotans to discuss public financing of sports teams. (04/13/1998)
The Milton-Hershey School in Pennsylvania serves as possible model for Minnesota's own "at risk" juveniles. (02/11/1998)
Some say the law firm of Robins, Kaplan, Miller and Ciresi could make $1 billion from Minnesota's tobacco trial. (01/19/1998)
Polling at the weekend's Minnesota Republican convention resulted in a surprise victory for one gubernatorial candidate. (09/22/1997)
An weekend workshop provides Latino teens with inspiration, leadership, and a call to action. (08/11/1997)