Mark Steil Feature Archive

A survey of more than 1,300 crop farms in Minnesota shows they earned record income in 2012. (04/11/2013)
A late winter storm is hitting Worthington, Minnesota and the surrounding area hard with ice and power outages. MPR's Cathy Wurzer spoke with Minnesota Public Radio Worthington bureau reporter Mark Steil about the latest. (04/11/2013)
More than 70,000 utility customers in southwest Minnesota and eastern South Dakota were without power over the last 24 hours as freezing rain wreaked havoc with power lines and utility poles. (04/10/2013)
A Twin Cities ethanol company will pay $136,500 in EPA penalties for deficiencies in its plans for handling of hazardous chemicals related to ethanol production. (04/08/2013)
Minnesota grain farmers will respond to rising corn prices by increasing corn planting this year. Farmers here will increase will increase corn acres by 3 percent. Nationally, corn crop is expected to grow by only 1 percent. (03/29/2013)
The U.S. Agriculture Department says Minnesota farmers intend to plant more corn this year than they did in 2012. (03/28/2013)
An ethanol company says it may sell a plant it owns in Fairmont, in southern Minnesota. It's the latest indication of the ethanol industry's financial troubles. (03/27/2013)
A survey of U.S. rivers and streams found more than half have poor living conditions for aquatic species. Streams in the Midwest, including Minnesota, had major problems with phosphorus and nitrogen. (03/26/2013)
The U.S. Agriculture Department will give a preview on Thursday of how many acres of corn and other major crops farmers in Minnesota and elsewhere intend to plant this year. (03/24/2013)
The start of spring means the crop planting season is not far away. While the two-year drought is a worry, there have been signs of hope recently. Increased precipitation has helped boost farmers' outlook for this year's crop. (03/21/2013)
The Strata Corp. of Grand Forks, N.D., says it plans to move ahead with a new quarry in the western Minnesota city of Ortonville after an administrative law judge gave the city approval to annex a key piece of land from Ortonville Township. (03/17/2013)
Minnesota Commerce Commissioner Mike Rothman is urging farmers to make sure they have enough crop insurance to deal with another possible year of drought. (03/09/2013)
The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is watching a stagnant weather pattern over southern Minnesota that is increasing air pollution. (03/08/2013)
A company that hopes to commercialize a corn-based process to make an industrial chemical says it plans to resume production this year at its southwest Minnesota plant. (03/05/2013)
Parts of Minnesota have as much as five inches of moisture in the current snowpack, but that doesn't mean the drought is over. (03/05/2013)