Mark Steil Feature Archive

An ethanol plant in southern Minnesota will temporarily shut down production because of high corn prices and surplus ethanol supplies. (09/24/2012)
The drought has pushed river levels in some parts of Minnesota to near record lows, forcing the state Department of Natural Resources to suspend water pumping permits for dozens of businesses and other users. (09/24/2012)
The Minnesota Department of Health says another eight cases of the west nile virus have been confirmed in the state. (09/19/2012)
Progress on the Minnesota harvest continues well ahead of normal, aided by dry weather. (09/17/2012)
More water users have been told they must stop pumping from Minnesota rivers because stream levels are too low. (09/14/2012)
Agriculture experts are still measuring the affects of the drought on the farmers, but it's likely that livestock producers will be the hardest hit. (09/13/2012)
The U.S. Department of Agriculture has bumped up Minnesota's corn harvest a bushel an acre in its latest forecast, putting Minnesota at the top among big corn producing states. (09/12/2012)
The ongoing drought is forcing the Department of Natural Resources to restrict water use around Minnesota. (09/11/2012)
The Minnesota Department of Health says officials have confirmed eight more cases of West Nile Virus in the state over the last week. (09/11/2012)
Minnesota health officials have confirmed another nine cases of West Nile virus in the state over the past week. (09/04/2012)
Minnesota dairy farmers these days are watching corn and soybean prices almost as closely as the price of milk. High costs for cow feed brought on by drought have made some farms unprofitable. But the tough times are also boosting milk prices. (09/04/2012)
Eight new cases of West Nile virus have been reported in Minnesota over the past week. (08/28/2012)
The latest U.S. Agriculture Department food price forecast shows little additional impact from the drought even though conditions are more severe in the nation's bread basket. (08/24/2012)
Drought conditions have spread to more of Minnesota over the past week as little rain fell on the state. (08/23/2012)
The Minnesota Department of Health says the number of human cases of West Nile virus in the state this year has increased to 27, up from 20 on Monday. (08/22/2012)