Elizabeth Stawicki Feature Archive

At a town hall meeting Tuesday night, DFL lawmakers welcomed questions about health care overhaul, and warned residents of impending information deluge. (07/17/2013)
Several DFL lawmakers will hold a health care town hall meeting Tuesday to explain how the new health care law will affect Minnesotans and answer their questions. (07/14/2013)
Many young adults may not worry about a health crisis, but the people building insurance exchanges worry about the millions of other healthy Americans who they fear may simply opt out. They need those younger, low-risk people to pay premiums to offset the costs of covering older, sicker Americans. (07/10/2013)
Sixteen Minnesota health centers will share $1.68 million in federal funds to help uninsured Minnesotans obtain coverage under the federal health care law. The funding is part of a national grant of $150 million. (07/10/2013)
While Latinos comprise a small fraction of Minnesota's population , they are a big part of the uninsured population. One in eight Latinos lacks health insurance. That makes Latino communities a likely focus for efforts to reduce the number of Minnesotans lacking health coverage. (07/09/2013)
The state's new health insurance exchange, MNsure, won't be affected by the Obama administration's decision today to delay a key employer mandate under the federal health care law, Minnesota officials. (07/02/2013)
Minnesota's new online health insurance marketplace, MNSURE, is turning to social media to inform consumers about its progress toward a launch this fall. (06/30/2013)
State spending on Medicaid programs could rise substantially, even for states that have opted out of the federal health care law's Medicaid expansion, according to a University of Minnesota study. (06/28/2013)
Costs to build the technology infrastructure of Minnesota's new online health insurance marketplace have gone up nearly $5 million. (06/26/2013)
A health insurance rebate could be coming to 9,161 Minnesotans. (06/20/2013)
The state's new online health insurance marketplace, MNsure, is banking on community groups and other grass-roots organizations to help people sign up for health plans. MNsure will pay consumer assistants to help Minnesotans apply for and enroll in coverage. But MNsure has a two-tier payment system that advocates for low-income people call unfair. (06/17/2013)
Children's Hospitals and UnitedHealthcare will be giving out 700 free children's bicycle helmets and reflectors Tuesday afternoon at three Twin Cities parks and selected boys and girls club camps. (06/16/2013)
A call center will be open later this summer to provide information to consumers about health plans, enrollment choices and procedures regarding Minnesota's new online health insurance marketplace. (06/13/2013)
Two Minnesota giants in medical rehabilitation officially merge on Saturday and will adopt a new name. The Golden Valley-based Courage Center and the Minneapolis-based Sister Kenny Institute are now the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute, part of the Allina Health System. (06/01/2013)
Some Minnesota insurers say consumers on average will see higher health plan premiums but also more generous benefits for policies sold on the state's new online insurance marketplace. (05/26/2013)