Elizabeth Stawicki Feature Archive

While Latinos comprise a small fraction of Minnesota's population , they are a big part of the uninsured population. One in eight Latinos lacks health insurance. That makes Latino communities a likely focus for efforts to reduce the number of Minnesotans lacking health coverage. (07/09/2013)
The state's new health insurance exchange, MNsure, won't be affected by the Obama administration's decision today to delay a key employer mandate under the federal health care law, Minnesota officials. (07/02/2013)
Minnesota's new online health insurance marketplace, MNSURE, is turning to social media to inform consumers about its progress toward a launch this fall. (06/30/2013)
State spending on Medicaid programs could rise substantially, even for states that have opted out of the federal health care law's Medicaid expansion, according to a University of Minnesota study. (06/28/2013)
Costs to build the technology infrastructure of Minnesota's new online health insurance marketplace have gone up nearly $5 million. (06/26/2013)
A health insurance rebate could be coming to 9,161 Minnesotans. (06/20/2013)
The state's new online health insurance marketplace, MNsure, is banking on community groups and other grass-roots organizations to help people sign up for health plans. MNsure will pay consumer assistants to help Minnesotans apply for and enroll in coverage. But MNsure has a two-tier payment system that advocates for low-income people call unfair. (06/17/2013)
Children's Hospitals and UnitedHealthcare will be giving out 700 free children's bicycle helmets and reflectors Tuesday afternoon at three Twin Cities parks and selected boys and girls club camps. (06/16/2013)
A call center will be open later this summer to provide information to consumers about health plans, enrollment choices and procedures regarding Minnesota's new online health insurance marketplace. (06/13/2013)
Two Minnesota giants in medical rehabilitation officially merge on Saturday and will adopt a new name. The Golden Valley-based Courage Center and the Minneapolis-based Sister Kenny Institute are now the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute, part of the Allina Health System. (06/01/2013)
Some Minnesota insurers say consumers on average will see higher health plan premiums but also more generous benefits for policies sold on the state's new online insurance marketplace. (05/26/2013)
The former head of a health care software company will lead a powerful board that is playing a major role in shaping the state's new online health insurance marketplace, MNSURE. (05/19/2013)
A computer glitch at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid has forced the postponement of a state deadline today connected to Minnesota's new online health insurance marketplace, called MNsure. (05/17/2013)
Organizations representing small business have been among the sharpest critics of the federal health care overhaul. But the opposition is not universal. Some small business owners in Minnesota hope they'll find new health insurance options thanks to the law and MNSURE, the new state new online insurance marketplace it created. (05/13/2013)
DHS said the federal government will raise its matching grants from 50 percent to 75 percent for certain related costs starting in October. (05/05/2013)