Elizabeth Stawicki Feature Archive

A former patient of embattled Fairview Health Services testified at a U.S. Senate hearing in St. Paul Wednesday about being hit up for payment while writhing in pain on an emergency room gurney. (05/30/2012)
The Minnesota Medical Association says it wants to work with health plans to develop a better process for prescription drug approval. (05/27/2012)
The CEO of Fairview Health Services, a major Minnesota health system under investigation for bill collection practices, is leaving that position at the end of July. (05/24/2012)
A low-income group under age 65 falls into a kind of no-man's land for affordable coverage. They earn too much to qualify for assistance through Medicaid, but not enough to afford even subsidized commercial insurance. (05/23/2012)
Minnesota Commerce Department officials say federal officials will review the state's progress on developing a key part of the federal health care overhaul next week. (05/18/2012)
The federal government is proposing to temporarily raise Medicaid payment rates for primary care doctors in Minnesota and nationwide. (05/09/2012)
A Twin Cities-area program that serves adults with disabilities and complex medical conditions has won a major innovation grant under the federal health care law. (05/08/2012)
The federal government will delay carrying out a key part of the health care overhaul that is aimed at shedding light on the financial relationships between doctors, drug companies, and medical device makers. (05/04/2012)
Rural Minnesota health leaders say their communities not only face shortages of nurses and doctors, but of many other health care workers as well. (05/01/2012)
Seven Minnesota community health centers will share in more than $15 million under new grants provided under the federal health care overhaul. (05/01/2012)
A small number of Minnesotans could receive a rebate as part of the federal health care law's new insurance regulations. (04/26/2012)
Minnesota Human Services Commissioner Lucinda Jesson will testify before a joint congressional hearing Wednesday about accountability in Minnesota's Medicaid program in a controversy that is only the latest in a long line of skirmishes between states and the federal government over Medicaid funding. (04/24/2012)
Minnesota will turn over to the federal government about $15 million in Medicaid money donated to the state by an HMO last year. (04/23/2012)
Some Republican state lawmakers want the Minnesota human services commissioner to have a contingency plan in place if the federal health care law's Medicaid expansion is either struck down or repealed. (04/08/2012)
The state's largest physician group, the Minnesota Medical Association, says doctors and clinics that treat Medicaid and MinnesotaCare patients should get a share of an estimated extra $35 million coming into the state's coffers this summer. (04/06/2012)