Tom Scheck Feature Archive

For years, Minnesotans could only vote early if they could provide a legally valid excuse, such as being outside of the district on Election Day. (08/06/2014)
Deputy Minority Leader Jenifer Loon was one of five Republicans in the Legislature to vote for a bill last year legalizing same-sex marriage and that's made her the target of a Republican challenger, Sheila Kihne. (08/03/2014)
Each of the four Republican candidates for governor wants to make major changes to MNsure, which their party has criticized since its inception. (07/17/2014)
Sen. Sean Nienow, R-Cambridge, is in the process of liquidating his assets to pay more than $900,000 in debt he owes to the federal government, credit card agencies and a past business partner. Chief among Nienow's debts is a loan he and his wife secured through the U.S. Small Business Administration. (07/11/2014)
Minnesota Democrats are using some remarks Jeff Johnson made about Wisconsin to rile up opposition to the Republican endorsed candidate for governor. Johnson told a tea party group recently that he'd like to implement Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's policies here. That has Democrats upset, but Johnson isn't backing down. (07/10/2014)
The Republican candidate for Minnesota Secretary of State says concerns about improprieties in a Minnesota House primary election campaign validate his call to change the voting system. (07/09/2014)
This year Republicans are talking economy, not social issues. (07/07/2014)
Initial estimates show that the state will be eligible for federal funds to rebuild. (07/01/2014)
State finance officials announced today that they deposited $150 million into the state's budget reserve - strengthening Minnesota's budget standing in case of an economic downturn. The state's total budget reserve is $811 million. (07/01/2014)
The court on Monday ruled that thousands of Illinois home health care workers cannot be required to pay fees to cover collective bargaining costs. (06/30/2014)
With Minnehaha Falls as the backdrop, President Barack Obama launched a two-day trip to the Twin Cities on Thursday with an hour-long town hall meeting in Minneapolis, designed to boost the spirits of people frustrated with nation's still sluggish economy -- and of Democrats uncertain about their prospects in the midterm elections. (06/27/2014)
Democrats think a visit from President Barack Obama will fire up their base and motivate rank-and-file DFLers to vote in November. Republicans, on the other hand, say Obama's visit will be a boon to their candidates, as his poll numbers sink and many Americans see the country as heading in the wrong direction. (06/26/2014)
Former Republican Gov. Al Quie is backing former state Rep. Marty Seifert's campaign for governor. The Seifert campaign made the announcement this morning. (06/25/2014)
With Minnesota's primary election about six weeks away, the four Republican candidates for governor have been busy raising money and reaching out to voters. But there's a big question hanging in the air: Will the summertime primary will generate much interest among voters? (06/23/2014)
Follow along as MPR News reporter Jon Collins rides the Green Line all day, telling the stories from the stations, the train and the first-day festivities. There'll be speeches, celebrations, music, free rides and plenty of fanfare as the Green Line light rail project launches today. The first trains leave the station at 10 a.m., and rides on all Metro Transit buses and trains will be free all day. (06/14/2014)