Tom Scheck Feature Archive

"I believe that I will be vindicated," said Bill Davis, the suspended CEO of Community Action of Minneapolis. It's the first time Davis has spoken publicly since the state of Minnesota shuttered his nonprofit in September. (12/19/2014)
Commerce Commissioner Mike Rothman has asked the state legislative auditor to investigate claims that he disregarded requests from key members of his department to terminate a contract with a controversial nonprofit. (12/11/2014)
Commerce Department staffers say they told Commissioner Mike Rothman for years that his DFL political ally Bill Davis was mismanaging public money meant to aid poor people. (12/11/2014)
Minnesota Republicans regained control of the House on Election Day, setting up a delicate political dance with Gov. Mark Dayton, who won a second term. (11/05/2014)
With more than 78 percent of the vote in, Dayton had defeated his Republican challenger, Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson. (11/05/2014)
Democrats wasted no time in denouncing the Republican attack ad, which they said amounts to fear mongering. (11/03/2014)
In the not-as-blue-as-it-used-to-be 8th Congressional District, Democrats are clearly worried about Rep. Rick Nolan's support in a region Democrats usually win by wide margins. (11/02/2014)
Gov. Mark Dayton said Johnson's plan duplicates a process that is already taking place. (10/30/2014)
From telephone calls and door-to-door meetings with voters, candidates, political parties and other groups are intent on motivating core supporters. (10/29/2014)
There are no confirmed cases in Minnesota and only a few across the country, but fear of the highly contagious and often deadly disease is animating political debate. (10/27/2014)
GOP challenger Jeff Johnson isn't letting up on his criticism that Dayton's people low-balled the health exchange's 2015 increases and that the governor was "lying" about the size of the hikes. (10/24/2014)
Two potential 2016 presidential rivals were in Minnesota Thursday, but not to campaign for themselves. (10/24/2014)
Minnesota House Democrats are hoping Governor Dayton's standing in the polls is strong enough to help them keep control of several competitive House districts this year. (10/23/2014)
Their odds of winning are beyond long. But Chris Wright and Chris Holbrook are undeterred and determined to make their voices heard. (10/21/2014)
No one in Minnesota now is suspected of having Ebola, but officials are working to create a hospital unit to isolate and treat future cases. (10/17/2014)