Tom Scheck Feature Archive

Gov. Mark Dayton, whose family founded Target, wants to meet with Target's CEO to discuss coming layoffs and the company's commitment to Minnesota. (03/04/2015)
MPCA officials warned that a bipartisan push at the Capitol to ease state water pollution standards could lead the federal government to assert control of water rules. (02/24/2015)
The MPCA had planned to release proposed sulfate standards for U.S. Steel's Minntac plant this month, but decided to wait for a state study on sulfates and wild rice. (02/19/2015)
State legislative leaders say they've reached a deal with Gov. Mark Dayton on the controversial pay increases for 26 commissioners and agency chiefs. (02/19/2015)
Privacy advocates are pushing to allow Minnesota voters to decide whether their electronic communication should be protected from unreasonable search and seizure. (02/16/2015)
Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk, DFL-Cook, told reporters that he doesn't think political disputes should "get personal." (02/16/2015)
Angry that Senate Democrats voted to freeze his commissioners' pay raises, Gov. Dayton said he no longer trusts Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk. The rift has put DFL politics into disarray. (02/12/2015)
The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is set to propose new standards for U.S. Steel's Minntac Facility in Mountain Iron, but the company has launched an aggressive fight against them. (02/11/2015)
The number of top Minnesota earners who filed 2013 tax returns was higher than expected -- a sign that Dayton's push to raise taxes on the state's wealthiest earners has not caused many to flee. (02/03/2015)
State Rep. Tony Albright is concerned about allegations that the Commerce chief disregarded requests from career staffers to terminate a contract with Community Action Minneapolis. (02/02/2015)
Some legislators want to classify video from body cameras as private data accessible only to law enforcement and subjects of the video. Civil libertarians say that would hinder efforts to hold police accountable. (01/29/2015)
While Dayton's $42 billion budget increases funding for education, human services and other areas, he says MnSCU and the Minneapolis Park Board have to do what he wants before they'll get more state money. (01/27/2015)
Minnesota ranks 48th in the country for the number of school counselors per student. (01/22/2015)
Gov. Mark Dayton has appointed Adam Duininck, a member of the Met Council for the last four years, as its chair. Some state legislators say the council is too powerful. (01/16/2015)
Senate Democrats want to provide free education to students at Minnesota's two-year community and technical colleges. But Republicans and leaders of four-year colleges are wary of the plan. (01/15/2015)