Tom Scheck Feature Archive

Monday's agreement between Gov. Dayton and GOP legislators cleared the way ... almost. (06/02/2015)
Gov. Mark Dayton and House GOP leaders on Monday tentatively agreed to a two-year school spending budget and are close on other issues. (06/01/2015)
The layoffs won't take effect until July 1 and that's only if Dayton and the Legislature fail to agree on a budget. (06/01/2015)
Dayton said he's upset the Republican-controlled House would not agree to spend between $125 and $150 million more on education — especially when they left $1 billion unspent. (05/19/2015)
When there's a surplus, the governor and lawmakers traditionally cut a deal to give everyone a piece of the pie. This year, the focus seemed to be on ensuring neither got the upper hand. (05/19/2015)
The divided Minnesota Legislature on Monday finished a $41.5 billion budget. But Gov. Mark Dayton is expected to veto an education bill, requiring legislators to return for a special session. (05/18/2015)
Gov. Mark Dayton and legislative leaders are scheduled to resume budget talks Friday morning. (05/15/2015)
Minnesota Democrats want to fund transportation projects with a boost in gas taxes and a Twin Cities sales tax. Republicans want a $2 billion tax cut. They're at a standstill. (05/11/2015)
Gov. Mark Dayton wants $700 million in new spending on early childhood and K-12 education. Senate Democrats want $360 in additional spending, while House Republicans want $158 million. (05/08/2015)
Former Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty says he isn't interested in mounting a comeback for governor in 2018. (05/08/2015)
The Senate added the body camera language to a bill that regulates how police collect and retain information from automated license plate readers. The House version does not mention body cameras. (05/07/2015)
Oil cars on a BNSF train were burning Wednesday near Heimdal, N.D. No injuries were reported. Gov. Dayton said the accident reinforces the need to boost Minnesota's rail safety. (05/06/2015)
If Minnesota lands the 2020 game, it will mark the third major sports event in a row hosted at the new Vikings stadium, which already has plans to host the 2018 Super Bowl and the 2019 NCAA men's Final Four. (05/05/2015)
Top GOP and DFL lawmakers are deeply divided on a budget deal despite a huge surplus. As a crucial deadline approaches, the specter of a shutdown looms. (05/01/2015)
The Senate bill would raise gas taxes and add a Twin Cities metro-area sales tax to pay for transit. Republicans oppose the plan. The two parties also differ on tax policy. (04/27/2015)