Tom Scheck Feature Archive

State officials have ruled out a direct public subsidy, but the plan soccer executives laid out Tuesday was viewed as modest and possible. (04/14/2015)
In Minnesota, DFL leaders think Hillary Clinton's path to the Democratic nomination is so clear that they are recruiting female candidates for state and local offices. (04/14/2015)
Freed from the political pressures of a coming election, Gov. Mark Dayton says he's ready to battle it out on issues he views as crucial to Minnesota's future. (04/09/2015)
Republicans want to cut $1.1 billion from health and human services to spend on tax cuts, education and transportation. Health care officials say that may harm needy Minnesotans. (04/06/2015)
GOP election wins in rural Minnesota have lawmakers in both parties looking to weaken environmental laws tied to agriculture. A key plan by Gov. Dayton faces stiff resistance. (03/31/2015)
The renovation of the century-old building is threatening to run $30 million over budget, state officials advised lawmakers Friday. (03/27/2015)
The old sulfate standard poses a problem for mining, and the MPCA says it isn't the best way to protect wild rice. (03/25/2015)
Gov. Mark Dayton is siding with U.S. Steel and Iron Range legislators who say a standard on how much sulfate companies can discharge into wild rice water is too high. (03/24/2015)
Gov. Mark Dayton wants to spend $343 million of the budget surplus on universal all-day preschool. He said that would help make sure all children are prepared for kindergarten. But not everyone agrees with that approach. (03/20/2015)
Uber's general manager said Thursday the legislation is unreasonable and would result in higher rates for users. The insurance industry insists Uber drivers are riskier than others who drive for fares. (03/19/2015)
Gov. Mark Dayton and Senate Democrats want to spend far more than Republicans on transportation, a divide that if not closed could be a key campaign issue in 2016. (03/17/2015)
Now that most employers are adding jobs, state lawmakers and the governor are focusing on a host of ideas and programs designed to ensure that Minnesotans are ready to work. (03/13/2015)
Blaming Gov. Mark Dayton and Democrats for increased taxes, Republican Party Chair Keith Downey says in an ad that the Legislature should distribute the $1.9 billion surplus to taxpayers. (03/10/2015)
The federal inquiries, revealed in court-filed documents, indicate the investigation of Community Action of Minneapolis, its former CEO Bill Davis and its board is much broader than initially disclosed. (03/06/2015)
There was no talk of back stabbing Thursday as the governor and Senate majority leader teamed up to slam Republicans over paying for roads and bridges. (03/05/2015)