Tom Scheck Feature Archive

Gov. Dayton says he wants to call a one-day special session in late August to deliver disaster assistance to northeastern Minnesota and other communities. Dayton made the announcement this afternoon after meeting privately with legislative leaders. (07/11/2012)
Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kurt Bills told Morning in America radio host William Bennett this morning that he's polling about 26 percentage points behind DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar. (07/11/2012)
Ninety Minnesota communities are seeking a total of $288.4 million from a state business development fund for projects ranging from sewer upgrades to recreational facilities. (07/11/2012)
A group funded by billionaire industrialist David Koch will begin running $600,000 in ads in Minnesota to criticize President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act. (06/29/2012)
State efforts toward affordable health care got a new push Thursday when the U.S. Supreme Court upheld virtually all of the federal law. (06/29/2012)
Republican Senate Majority Leader Dave Senjem and Deputy Senate Majority Leader Julianne Ortman met privately today at a St. Paul coffee shop with former Senate staffer Michael Brodkorb. (06/25/2012)
According to documents obtained through the state Data Practices Act, zoo officials started discussing the future of the dolphin exhibit in February -- a full month before the House and Senate released their bonding bills. (06/20/2012)
Days after the Legislature approved $4 million for the Minnesota Zoo, it was announced that the popular dolphin exhibit would come to an end. Some legislators say they would have reconsidered their vote had they known the dolphins were leaving the zoo for good. (06/20/2012)
One big question of Minnesota's 2012 legislative session was if the Republican majority would ask voters to decide whether unions could require all workers to belong to a union and pay dues. Lawmakers never voted on the matter, but its supporters are emboldened by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's victory in Tuesday's recall election. (06/06/2012)
The Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Minnesota Kurt Bills spent some time today campaigning in Wisconsin.. Bills was in Hudson making get out the vote calls for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Bills said he's from Wisconsin and believes Walker's efforts to change government are important. (06/04/2012)
President Obama raised as much as $1.8 million at three fundraisers in Minneapolis Friday afternoon, after he spoke to a crowd at the Honeywell International operation in Golden Valley. Obama held the events at the Bachelor Farmer restaurant in downtown, which is owned by Gov. Mark Dayton's two sons. (06/01/2012)
Unlike four years ago when Obama and his Republican opponent visited Minnesota frequently, it looks like the state may not draw as much attention from the presidential candidates -- in part because Mitt Romney has not started an active campaign here. (06/01/2012)
About 50 Republican candidates filed paperwork together today to run for the Minnesota House, an event meant to show that the party is unified in its effort to keep control of the Legislature. (05/31/2012)
GOP officials call for unity as national delegate vote looms (05/19/2012)
State Rep. Kurt Bills won the Minnesota Republican Party's endorsement for U.S. Senate after two ballots at the party convention Friday. He will face incumbent Democrat Amy Klobuchar in the November election. (05/18/2012)