Tom Scheck Feature Archive

A committee in the Minnesota House has approved a sweeping property tax bill that would provide property tax relief to 300,000 homeowners. (04/03/2013)
The chair of the Minnesota House taxes committee says she thinks Rochester and Olmsted County need to kick in more taxes to pay for local improvements as part of the Mayo Clinic's Destination Medical Center plan. (04/03/2013)
When Minnesota lawmakers return to the state Capitol on Tuesday to focus on a two-year budget, they will also weigh whether to approve the Mayo Clinic's request for $500 million to support its $3 billion expansion plan. Lawmakers say they want to help the hospital and clinic system grow, but some have concerns about the size of its funding request and the overall financing plan. (04/02/2013)
The Minnesota Department of Transportation announced its construction schedule for the year, and it's likely to cause significant traffic delays around the state. (03/27/2013)
Lillehaug served as Dayton's attorney in the 2010 gubernatorial recount against Republican Tom Emmer. (03/26/2013)
Remnants of the collapsed Interstate 35W bridge would be allowed to be given to the public, under a bill approved Friday by a state Senate committee. (03/22/2013)
A committee in the Minnesota Senate has defeated a bill that would have required sellers of concert tickets to disclose how many tickets are being held back from the public. (03/22/2013)
With Minnesota House and Senate Democrats proposing $2 billion in new taxes to erase the budget deficit and spend more on schools, economic development and other state services, one area -- health and human services -- is getting left out. In fact, DFLers propose a spending cut. (03/21/2013)
Democrats in the Minnesota House want the state's wealthiest residents to temporarily pay an income tax surcharge to eliminate a funding delay to state schools. (03/19/2013)
Gov. Dayton hits the road this week to promote his budget plan, which proposes raising taxes to erase the state's budget deficit and increase funding for schools and economic development. Democrats in control of the House and Senate are set to release their budget outlines this week and one key spending difference will be in the area of education. (03/19/2013)
DFL legislative leaders say they plan to release their spending targets for the next two-year budget this week. (03/18/2013)
A Minnesota House committee is scheduled to debate a gun bill this week that is dividing Democrats. (03/17/2013)
MPR's Tom Scheck sums up the week's events at the Capitol. (03/15/2013)
Gov. Mark Dayton's revised budget plan relies on higher income taxes for the state's top earners and an increased cigarette tax to erase a projected deficit and increase spending for education. The revised plan does not include a sales tax on services and does away with Dayton's earlier $1.4 billion plan to give homeowners a $500 property tax credit. Dayton said increasing taxes on the wealthy is a matter of fairness. (03/14/2013)
A Minnesota Senate committee approved a bill Thursday that would put a five-year moratorium on wolf hunting in Minnesota. (03/14/2013)