Tom Robertson Feature Archive

Minnesota's state parks are coming back on line after being barricaded for nearly three weeks because of the state government shutdown. (07/22/2011)
With the exception of the restaurant and lodge and a few cabins at the park, officials say visitors are welcome to return. (07/21/2011)
Delta Airlines officials have confirmed plans to reduce or eliminate service in 24 small markets throughout the midwest. (07/19/2011)
As negotiators work out details to end Minnesota's state government shutdown, reaction to the potential deal is mixed among state residents. We sampled the sentiment of people in the Bemidji area today. (07/15/2011)
There is no free pass for anglers who thought they could fish through the government shutdown without a fishing license, said Tom Landwehr, commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. (07/13/2011)
Minnesota loggers are waiting for a court ruling that will determine whether they'll be allowed to continue logging operations in state forests during the government shutdown. (07/13/2011)
Minnesota's tourism industry is projected to lose millions of dollars for every week that state government remains shut down. But gauging the impact on tourism-related businesses depends on whom you ask. (07/12/2011)
Staff in Minnesota's 66 state parks closed up facilities, shut off water and electricity, and told visitors it was time to leave. (07/01/2011)
Employees are preparing state parks for closure, and small tourism community boosters say they'll lose millions because of canceled vacation plans. (06/29/2011)
New census data shows some of the state's poorest counties are in northwestern Minnesota, where living wage jobs are limited and geography isolates rural residents. (06/21/2011)
Resorts are gearing up for the Memorial Day weekend, the traditional start of the summer tourist season. After several slow seasons, there are signs the industry is making a comeback. (05/27/2011)
The members hope to get ticketed by state DNR enforcement officers to raise treaty rights issues in the courts. Red Lake tribal officials say they're not part of the effort and don't support it. (05/13/2011)
Minnesota is approaching another walleye fishing opener this weekend, but there is still no resolution to a treaty rights dispute between the state and two Ojibwe bands in northern Minnesota. (05/11/2011)
The number of graduates with two- and four-year degrees is more than double what it was in 2002, creating a short-term bottleneck for jobs. But the future in the field is bright. (05/06/2011)
Tests of fish from 9 of Minnesota's 10 largest walleye lakes show those lakes have little or no contamination from a class of pollutants called perfluorochemicals, or PFCs. State officials say PFCs are still a problem in some Twin Cities area lakes. (05/04/2011)