Tom Robertson Feature Archive

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources officials say they'll likely reduce the number of moose hunting permits by half for this fall's moose hunting season. (02/23/2011)
Nearly two weeks ago, Willy Navy walked out of a Brainerd bar when two men confronted him with racial slurs and then beat him unconscious. Navy is recovering, and some see it as an opportunity to re-examine how people view race in northern Minnesota. (02/18/2011)
The theater department at Bemidji State University is one of the casualties of an effort by Minnesota state colleges and universities to tighten their belts. Anticipating funding cuts as lawmakers deal with a $6.2 billion dollar state budget shortfall, many campuses have already chopped programs and positions. (02/14/2011)
Grandparents are raising nearly 3 million children in the United States, according to census data. The reasons vary from economic issues to drug and alcohol abuse. (01/27/2011)
Manufacturing has been hit hard by the recession, But some Minnesota manufacturing companies are thriving and creating new jobs in the emerging "green economy." (01/20/2011)
Minnesota will receive another $56 million in federal aid to help people struggling to pay winter heating bills. (01/13/2011)
The U.S. Census Bureau's five-year American Community Survey shows that one in four renters in 84 of 87 Minnesota counties pay 30 percent or more of their income for housing. (01/13/2011)
Despite a high jobless rate, people in the Brainerd Lakes area see signs of an economic recovery, and reasons to be cautiously optimistic about 2011. (12/31/2010)
A tribal judge has awarded the White Earth Nation an $18.5 million judgment stemming from lawsuit against a Pennsylvania businessman and his company, Gaming World International. (12/21/2010)
New U.S. census data released this week show poverty is up in north central Minnesota, where in some counties the poverty rate is more than twice the state average of 10 percent. (12/16/2010)
About a dozen former teachers who were in class the day of the Red Lake High School shootings on March 21, 2005 are asking for compensation, seeking to recoup lost wages. (12/10/2010)
Physicians have complained for years that Medicare doesn't keep up with the cost of delivering health care -- expenses that are driving some out of business. (12/03/2010)
Some Minnesota tree growers predict there could be a shortage of balsam fir Christmas trees this holiday season. An early spring followed by a cold snap in May caused damage to the species in Minnesota and other parts of the country. (11/29/2010)
Members of a St. Cloud-based National Guard unit leave home this weekend to prepare for operations in Iraq. The unit will participate in Operation New Dawn, the drawdown phase of U.S. military operations in Iraq. (11/27/2010)
Thousands of Minnesotans headed to the woods and fields today for the opening of muzzleloader deer hunting season. (11/27/2010)