Tom Robertson Feature Archive

State health officials say fish tested from nine of Minnesota's 10 largest walleye lakes show those lakes have very little or no contamination from perfluorochemicals, or PFCs. (05/03/2011)
A statue that's been sitting on the shore of Lake Bemidji since the 1950s is another step closer to being replaced. (04/29/2011)
The Red Road Home pilot program in northern Minnesota uses cultural and spiritual practices to try and slow down the revolving prison door on American Indian offenders. There are early signs of success, but the program may soon run out of funding. (04/26/2011)
Minnesota DNR officials say they want to raise hunting and fishing license fees to avoid more cutbacks in agency staff. (04/18/2011)
All roads leading into Oslo are flooded, isolating the tiny town 25 miles north of Grand Forks. City officials say three consecutive years of major floods have been inconvenient and tough on businesses. (04/13/2011)
Some question the sensibility of spending millions to save the small town just north of Moorhead, but Mayor Traci Goble is seeking to build permanent flood protection from the Buffalo River. (04/11/2011)
More than 100 property owners have accepted buyouts from the city of Moorhead since 2009. The city says it reduces the need for sandbags and makes flood response easier. (04/08/2011)
Moorhead needs roughly a million fewer sandbags this year than it did in 2009, not only because of more levees, but because the city has been aggressive in buying properties near the Red River. (04/07/2011)
About 700,000 Minnesotans will reach retirement age in the next decade. Demographers say the effect on the workforce will be felt all over the state. (04/04/2011)
In the latest U.S. Census, the corridor stretching from the Brainerd Lakes area into the north woods showed big gains, and state demographers say seniors are contributing to the region's significant population growth. (03/25/2011)
Tribal leaders say abuse of prescription drugs has become an epidemic that plagues their communities. The Red Lake and White Earth Ojibwe bands have both declared public health emergencies to draw attention to the problem. (03/18/2011)
A nurse at St. Cloud Hospital is suspected of transmitting a bacterial infection to patients when she diverted some drugs for personal use. (03/16/2011)
The expansion of Medicaid means tens of thousands of low-income adults in outstate Minnesota will be able to access health care closer to home. (03/14/2011)
This week city leaders in Bemidji voted to support efforts to replace a statue of an Indian that's been sitting on the shore of Lake Bemidji for decades. The grassroots effort to replace the statue is partly about art and partly about race relations. MPR's Cathy Wurzer spoke this morning with reporter Tom Robertson from our Bemidji bureau to explain what's happening with the statue and to talk about a few other things happening in northern Minnesota. (03/09/2011)
In the recent recession, thousands of Minnesotans have taken risks by borrowing money - or even spending their own savings - to become entrepreneurs, even as many others tightened their belts during the recession. (02/28/2011)