Chris Roberts Feature Archive

The Minneapolis band Roma di Luna is celebrating the release of its new CD this weekend. "Then the Morning Came" follows a theme of death and new life, reflecting the grief of band members who lost relatives recently, as well as their joy at becoming parents. (10/01/2010)
Few comedians embody rural, upper Midwest values and idiosyncrasies more on stage than Mary Mack. She has developed a national following telling stories and singing songs about what it really means to be a Midwesterner. (09/29/2010)
The world-wide PARK(ing) Day event is designed to empower people to reclaim parking spots from cars and make a statement about the urban habitat. (09/18/2010)
It's only in recent years that communities have understood the need to care for, preserve or even restore public art works when they've been damaged or defiled. They've mainly been turning to one woman to get the job done. (09/15/2010)
An era in the West Bank of Minneapolis is coming to a close. The Bedlam Theatre, known for its experimental and renegade work, vacated its current building at its landlord's request to make way for a mosque. (09/07/2010)
In the late 1940s, a dwelling made of prefabricated steel panels called the Lustron, was hailed by promoters as the house of the future. About 19 Lustrons were built in Minnesota, including a handful in the Twin Cities. (08/20/2010)
Attendance rose nearly 9 percent over 2009 with more than 50,000 tickets sold. The festival's 169 shows generated more than $355,000 in revenue, an increase of nearly 13 percent over last year. (08/16/2010)
The 17th annual Minnesota Fringe Festival pulls up the curtains tomorrow at 15 venues in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Minnesota Public Radio's Arts Unit went to find out what's making this year's "Fringe" unique. (08/04/2010)
When you see a fire truck barreling through Minneapolis, it might be Helena Thompson behind the wheel. But when the Rhode Island native gets behind her drum kit or picks up a guitar, she's not usually trying to escape from life, she's trying to make sense of it. (07/22/2010)
Fine Associates, the owner of the Bedlam Theatre, has asked the the theater to move so the Darul Quba mosque can take its place. (07/15/2010)
Minnesota folk music legend Spider John Koerner performs Friday night at the Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis, marking the release of some vintage recordings that feature him in two different phases of his career. (07/09/2010)
For the first time, the new owners of Taste of Minnesota charged an admission fee to attend the annual festival, and they promised a broader range of food and music. (07/06/2010)
The Minnesota Shubert Center for Performing Arts in downtown Minneapolis is changing its name to the Cowles Center for Dance and Performing Arts. (06/29/2010)
Minnesota Public Radio's Chris Roberts spends a good amount of time cheering on his sons at their youth soccer games. But, quite often, he has no clue what's happening on the field. In honor of the World Cup -- and, perhaps, to gain some respect from his children -- Roberts decided to learn a little about the world's most popular sport. He recruited Minnesota Public Radio News reporter Euan Kerr and Current host Mark Wheat to give him a crash course on "the beautiful game." (06/26/2010)
One of Minnesota's most famous musical sons gets a lifetime achievement award this weekend -- and it's not Bob Dylan. (06/25/2010)