Chris Roberts Feature Archive

Howler started when Jordan Gatesmith and Max Petrek met at a Planned Parenthood clinic with their respective girlfriends. Despite their overseas popularity, hometown reception for their garage rock sound has been cool. (01/13/2012)
A droning cello builds in the background while two lazy chords are strummed on a guitar. The reverberating chimes of a glockenspiel spell out the song's simple, repetitive structure. It sounds strangely like vintage Velvet Underground. (12/26/2011)
An obscure provision in American copyright law could stir up a massive legal battle between the music industry and some of its biggest stars, and Minnesota's "Funkytown" songwriter Steven Greenberg and his attorney are leading the charge. (12/06/2011)
Frank Sonntag stunned the local dance community when he resigned as the center's executive this week. It leaves Minnesota's so-called 'flagship center for dance' searching for a new leader midway through its inaugural season. (11/18/2011)
Conducting funerals for wayward men and women was the inspiration for the Twin Cities pastor behind "The Funereal Remembrance of Luke the Drifter," a play opening this weekend. (10/13/2011)
The "alt country" music scene isn't as big as it used to be, but there's still a lot of vintage twang in the Twin Cities, courtesy of the Cactus Blossoms. The Minneapolis group, fronted by a pair of brothers, harkens back to the roots of country with their earnest songs and pristine harmonizing. (10/07/2011)
"I've always been obsessed with how amazing it is for a song without any lyrics to convey a feeling," Minnesota native Haley Bonar says. She's playing Saturday at the Dakota Jazz Club in Minneapolis. (09/30/2011)
This week's hounds sing the praises of puppet portrayals of "Pinocchio," a Nobel Prize-winning Irish poet who's visiting Minnesota, and a newly expanded Weisman Art Museum. (09/29/2011)
Villa Rosa features two emcees who both have established identities as solo artists and see their artistic partnership as an equal playing field. (09/16/2011)
A program that employs artists to bring new life and vibrancy to Central Corridor neighborhoods disrupted by light rail construction has been given a $750,000 grant. (09/15/2011)
Hopes are high that the new dance center downtown Minneapolis will have the same impact on dance that the Guthrie Theater had on regional theater when it was built in the early 1960s. (09/09/2011)
The Minneapolis indie rock band "Patches and Gretchen" has a big weekend ahead. The theatrical debut of the group's wacky and whimsical variety show, named "Headquarters and Dimes," happens Saturday night at the Loring Theater. (09/02/2011)
Artist Miles Mendenhall's brush with TV fame didn't make him take leave of the Twin Cities or uproot his artistic ideals. He and a business partner are developing a St. Paul warehouse into affordable studio spaces for emerging artists. (08/23/2011)
The hounds put their stamp of approval on a piece of theater which requires audiences to solve puzzles in order to proceed to the next scene, a not-yet-completed documentary about the art and act of forgiveness, and a darkly comedic existential drama. (07/21/2011)
Featuring horns instead of guitars, and a frontwoman who looks as if she had been lifted from another century, the music of Davina and the Vagabonds doesn't fit the traditional Minneapolis indie rock mold. (07/15/2011)