Chris Roberts Feature Archive

Former Soul Coughing frontman and Brooklyn singer/songwriter Mike Doughty gets a lot of love from Twin Cities musicheads. Doughty has recorded two records in Minneapolis, including his new CD "Golden Delicious" with the help of Grammy winning songwriter Dan Wilson. (02/26/2008)
The American suburb has been revered as a middle class utopia. It's also been ridiculed as a vast expanse of architectural monotony and social conformity. The truth is more complex. (02/14/2008)
Sweeney Todd pits the screen against the stage, with a new film version starring Johnny Depp, and a touring Broadway production at the State Theater in Minneapolis. An area Stephen Sondheim expert went to both and compares the two productions. (02/08/2008)
One of the few purveyors of original country gospel music in Minnesota has released a critically praised cd. (01/30/2008)
There's been a changing of the guard at many of Minnesota's arts institutions. At the Walker Art Center, 41-year-old Olga Viso is assuming control at a pivotal time in the life of the museum. (01/24/2008)
The state's two internationally known art museums, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and the Walker Art Center, are launching new eras under new leadership. (01/24/2008)
The Walker Art Center's experimental performance series "Out there," is in its 20th year. (01/14/2008)
St. Paul songwriter and musician Mayda emerges with a big voice, big ideas and the guidance of drummer-to-the-stars and impresario Michael Bland. (12/14/2007)
A 70-year-old retired high school counselor writes her first play and gets it staged in St. Paul. (12/07/2007)
Jim Walsh has written an oral history of one Minnesota's most beloved rock bands, the Replacements. (11/28/2007)
If America is a melting pot then buses are like moving cauldrons. Weird things can happen when passengers from every imaginable walk of life board the bus. Regular riders often have wild stories to tell. A Minneapolis man has created an online repository where these stories can be shared. (11/20/2007)
We've heard how the musicians reacted when they first saw the lyrics to Stephen Burt's "Afternoon Song." This time we check in as they try to turn those words into music. (08/15/2007)
The Appalachian folk group The Roe Family Singers, indie darlings The Owls and singer/songwriter Matt Wilson were given two weeks to come up with a tune using the same set of lyrics. We hear how the ideas and melodies they've come up are transformed into full-fledged songs. (08/15/2007)
Our project looks at the creative process of writing music, through the eyes of a lyricist and three different bands. We hear from the three bands -- The Roe Family Singers, The Owls, and Matt Wilson -- as they get the lyrics from writer Stephen Burt, and begin shaping his words into songs. (08/09/2007)
A "Puppet Rampage" has overtaken the Twin Cities this week. It's brought to town a play by an American puppet master that skewers post-9/11 America. (07/20/2007)