Chris Roberts Feature Archive

Our project looks at the creative process of writing music, through the eyes of three musicians and a lyricist. We hear from the three bands -- Best Friends Forever, Jeremy Messersmith and rapper P.O.S. -- as they get the lyrics from Adam Levy, and begin shaping their songs. (07/22/2008)
Zeitgeist, Minnesota's premier contemporary music ensemble, is celebrating its 30th anniversary. (06/13/2008)
The presence of wildlife is growing in the core cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. (06/06/2008)
The Shubert Theater renovation project in downtown Minneapolis undergoes more modifications. It's also pushing back its opening date by more than a year. (05/30/2008)
A coalition of more than 200 groups is kicking off a campaign to convince Minnesotans to approve a constitutional amendment this fall that will generate millions in tax dollars for environmental protection and the arts. (05/27/2008)
St. Paul musician Steven Anderson, or Steven C., as his stage name goes, has built a thriving behind-the-scenes career in the "New Age" music industry as a producer and pianist. Now he's stepping out of the shadows with a new CD. (05/16/2008)
A Minneapolis comedy expert takes a look at the presidential candidates' ability to use humor on the campaign trail. (04/28/2008)
Regional arts groups haven't yet felt the effects of an ailing economy, but they're concerned about the future. (04/20/2008)
Two years after it buzzed to the top of the indie rock world, the Minneapolis band Tapes 'n Tapes is back with a new CD called "Walk it Off." (04/10/2008)
There has been renewed interest in vinyl records among Twin Cities' musicians and consumers that is helping one independent record store survive in the age of downloading and MySpace. (04/04/2008)
The vinyl record is undergoing somewhat of a resurgence in the Twin Cities music scene. More bands are putting their music out on vinyl, more consumers, especially younger ones, are choosing vinyl over compact discs. (04/01/2008)
A local webcomic is generating a buzz for it's depiction of bands that are going nowhere. (03/17/2008)
For Minnesota musicians who make it to South by Southwest, the event offers them the largest critical mass of music industry officials during the year. But does the hype equal the payoff for local bands? (03/12/2008)
Former Soul Coughing frontman and Brooklyn singer/songwriter Mike Doughty gets a lot of love from Twin Cities musicheads. Doughty has recorded two records in Minneapolis, including his new CD "Golden Delicious" with the help of Grammy winning songwriter Dan Wilson. (02/26/2008)
The American suburb has been revered as a middle class utopia. It's also been ridiculed as a vast expanse of architectural monotony and social conformity. The truth is more complex. (02/14/2008)