Bob Reha Feature Archive

Memorial Day is the official start of summer vacation season -- the first long weekend of the season when people head for their favorite retreats. For many people, summer vacation means packing the family into the car for a road trip. We wondered how healthy that tradition still is. (05/26/2003)
Big Detroit Lake in northwest Minnesota is a popular destination for tourists. Each summer the lake attracts thousands of tourists who pump millions of dollars into the economy. But the lake faces a serious environmental threat. (05/13/2003)
The National Symphony Orchestra is spending two weeks touring North Dakota. It's part of the American Residency program the orchestra began in 1992. In two weeks the musicians will have performed 200 concerts and workshops across the state. (05/05/2003)
Earthwise is a farmer-owned company that is taking a new approach to agriculture. (04/30/2003)
Farmers across the state are eager for the weather to settle so they can plant their crops. Machinery is rolled out of the shed and prepped for work. It's time to act on plans developed over the winter. Spring is a time for optimism on the farm. This year is no exception. (04/16/2003)
A sour economy and funding cuts have community theater groups looking for ways to get by. (04/04/2003)
Some rural Minnesota counties find application process for homeland security funds too complicated. (04/02/2003)
One thousand American troops parachuted onto an airfield in Kurdish-controlled northern Iraq Thursday. It's the first large deployment of American ground troops in the region. The action is being followed closely by Kurdish people in the Fargo-Moorhead area which is currently home to some 500 Iraqi Kurds. Many are reluctant to speak publicly about the war. But Azad Berwari, a graduate student in Fargo, speaks freely about his concerns. (03/28/2003)
County commissioners and other local leaders are looking for ways to cope with the funding cuts in Gov. Tim Pawlenty's budget. The governor's spending plan calls for cuts in many programs to fill a $4.2 billion shortfall. As debate over the proposal heats up, some officials are questioning the long-term affects, especially in social programs. (03/10/2003)
Social service providers are looking for ways to cope with funding cuts in Gov. Tim Pawlenty's budget. The governor's spending plan eliminates health insurance coverage for many people who are working, but poor. Some services will merge, and health care premiums for those who are covered will increase. (02/20/2003)
The 15th annual Nobel Peace Prize Forum is paying special attention to the potential for war with Iraq. The Forum, held in Moorhead, has drawn big names to discuss this year's theme, "Striving for Peace: A World Without Borders." (02/14/2003)
A new musical composition titled "Memorial" captures the emotions of September 11th terrorist attacks. (02/13/2003)
In some small towns in rural North Dakota there's treasure to be found. Many small towns still have an old-fashioned movie theater on Main Street. The theaters are the focus of a new exhibit, "Memory Palaces of the Dakotas." (02/13/2003)
Say, 'recycling,' to most people and they think newspaper, aluminum and glass. But there's a project in Fargo, North Dakota, that gives a new twist to recycling. The United Shoe Project is a business that literally turns rags into riches. The project helps needy people, while cutting through red tape. (02/04/2003)
Health care insurance is a luxury many people can't afford. It's a problem many families in rural Minnesota are worried about. Now some folks are trying a new approach to an old problem. (01/27/2003)