Bob Reha Feature Archive

Smaller cities across upper Midwest expect to retain Northwest air service, despite the company's recent bankruptcy filing. (09/19/2005)
The images from Hurricane Katrina hit close to home in Grand Forks, North Dakota, where eight years ago a historic flood, ravaged the city. (09/07/2005)
The federal base closing commission voted Friday to keep Ellsworth Air Force Base open. The commission rejected the Pentagon's recommendation to close South Dakota's second-largest employer. (08/26/2005)
The NCAA is banning the use of American Indian mascots by sports teams during its postseason tournaments. Regionally, the announcement is expected to have the most impact at the University of North Dakota, home of the Fighting Sioux. (08/05/2005)
Farm leaders disagree over the benefits of the Central American Free Trade Agreement, which was signed by President Bush this week. (08/05/2005)
Consumer reaction is mixed to lifting of the ban on Canadian cattle imports to the U.S. (07/27/2005)
A Marine from Minnesota was killed in Iraq Saturday. Sgt. Bryan James Opskar, 32, grew up in Princeton. Officials with the Marine's Minneapolis office say Opskar died when a roadside bomb exploded. Opskar is being remembered as a leader and a team player. (07/25/2005)
After years of arguing, work is almost complete on an outlet for Devils Lake in northeast North Dakota. The lake has no natural outlet, and for several years has threatened to flood the community of Devils Lake. The outlet could be open in a few weeks but the plan now faces a challenge in Canada's Federal court. (07/18/2005)
A local preservationist wants to save historic buildings in downtown Crookston. But county and city officals say theres not enough money to save every building. (07/06/2005)
Canadian cattle ranchers are struggling with the impact of the continued U.S. ban on their livestock. Some say the ban could actually make the beef industry in Canada stronger and less dependent on the U.S. (06/30/2005)
The Pentagon announced on Friday that about 180 military bases across the country could be shut down. The Grand Forks Air Force base in North Dakota will stay open, but today's proposal could relocate 2,700 military employees, or 85 percent of the military personnel at the base. (05/13/2005)
Local social service providers in Clay County are seeing an explosion in foster placements. It's one of the invisible consequences of the increase in methamphetamine use. (05/03/2005)
A multi-purpose arena is at the center of an economic development debate in Fargo. Voters have a chance to weigh in whether a sales tax should go for a new, mid-sized arena. (04/29/2005)
Students returned to Red Lake High School on Monday for the first time since a teenage gunman killed nine people and himself three weeks ago. A healing ceremony was held outside the school before students and parents entered. (04/11/2005)
Teachers and staff returned to Red Lake High School on Monday. For many it was the first time they had been in the building since the March 21 shootings. They gathered personal belongings like plants and grade books. It's uncertain whether students will resume classes there or elsewhere. (04/04/2005)