Bob Reha Feature Archive

Rural Minnesota communities are bracing for a series of budget cuts. Of special interest is the Local Government Aid program. That aid is how some rural cities pay for basic services, like fire and police protection. As state lawmakers prepare to whittle down a multi-billion dollar deficit, out-state officials prepare to plead their case. (01/15/2003)
What makes someone a legend? Is it a person's skill, personality or charisma? In northwest Minnesota, people of all ages call Odis "Oats" LeGrand a legend. He has been an athlete, teacher and a sportscaster, and was once named by Sports Illustrated "The Voice of Small-Town America." (01/14/2003)
Baseball has a long history in Minnesota. The Twins have played professional baseball in the state for more than 40 years. Names like Kirby Puckett, Jacque Jones and Torii Hunter are familiar to most fans. But what about "Rat" Johnson, Bobby Marshall and Ted "Double Duty" Radcliffe? They've been forgotten. Now a new book documents the contributions of the men who helped open the door to America's pastime. (12/17/2002)
Health care in rural areas is often limited. It's uncommon for a small town to have a doctor or a hospital. But in Oakes, in southeastern North Dakota, the community is bucking that trend thanks to the efforts of a husband-and-wife team of doctors. (11/19/2002)
Congressman Collin Peterson, a DFLer, seeks another term in the 7th Congressional District against Republican Dan Stevens. (10/30/2002)
Schools in North Dakota are not required to have a nurse on staff. It's one of only two states were school nurses are optional. But a $1 million grant may change that. A Fargo-based medical foundation is out to prove school nurses are critical to the well-being of students. (10/22/2002)
Farmers experience the yo-yo effect of another year of extreme weather. (10/14/2002)
The fourth vote on a lottery in North Dakota may be a winner. (10/03/2002)
Researchers say "Waffle Plan" could be the key to reducing flooding in the Red River Basin. (09/19/2002)
All-terrain vehicles, or ATVs, are a controversial subject. A recent study conducted by doctors, consumer and conservation advocates says ATVs are a serious health threat to children. The study suggests it's time for stricter regulation of ATV riders. (08/28/2002)
The population of North Dakota rose slightly in the 1990s, according to the U.S. Census - primarily because of an influx of refugees from other countries. (08/20/2002)
For 11 years, Partners in Progress has helped farmers in the Dakotas and northwest Minnesota stay on the land. Farmers, bankers, and retirees all chip in cash and expertise to help farmers climb out of debt. (08/16/2002)
Flooding in northwest Minnesota has become a regular event. Twice this year heavy rains have wiped out crops, swept away roads and destroyed bridges. For people who live in the area, it's a frustrating situation. Some say money spent on cleanup and relief might be better invested in flood prevention efforts. (07/17/2002)
Elected officials have been touring flood stricken areas of northwestern Minnesota. 13 counties have been declared federal disaster areas. Torrential rains swept through the region last week. The water washed away crops and destroyed roads from the Canadian border. However people in Twin Valley, near Ada say they are going to need some help too. (06/17/2002)
People in Fosston, Minn. are developing a suicide awareness and prevention program. The community's suicide rate among young people is five times higher than the state average. (06/06/2002)