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The Twin Cities may be only a few months away from getting its first full-power urban-contemporary station, and a bigger voice for the African-American community. (01/20/2000)
A gay man, the police, and neighbors of a Saint Paul beach square off in court. (01/17/2000)
Long before there was television, there was radio. Every evening during a good portion of the 1900s, the American family huddled around it for news and entertainment. It changed society and as the century fades, MPR's John Rabe looks at its legacy. (12/31/1999)
Charles M. Schulz, the creator of the popular "Peanuts" comic strip, will retire on Jan. 4, 2000, after more than 50 years of drawing the cartoon. Schulz is quitting to concentrate on treating his newly-diagnosed case of colon cancer.Schulz was born and raised in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and drew inspiration from his life here. (12/14/1999)
Despite what you might think or might have heard since the crash last weekend, accidents in small planes - known as general aviation - have been decreasing, even as the number of pilots and hours flown has increased markedly. (07/21/1999)
Both agree Ventura is a great story, but Keillor and Ventura disagree on who should write it. (02/05/1999)
Ventura's previous role in politics may give insight to future term. (11/11/1998)
The Open Arms program delivers food to about 120 people with AIDS. (10/09/1997)
Pop music historian Arne Fogel puts a nostalgic spin on records from the auctioned-off Hart's record collection. His interview includes album cover art and musical selections. (08/27/1997)
Author and Morning Edition commentator David Sedaris visited our studios to talk about his new book Naked. (03/26/1997)
John Rabe annually celebrates the arrival of Spring by burning a giant paper snowman. (03/20/1997)