Tim Pugmire Feature Archive

Gov. Mark Dayton and Republican nominee Jeff Johnson debate in Moorhead today. Education spending will be a key issue. Dayton wants to boost per-pupil spending. Johnson won't make any promises. (10/08/2014)
The project is expected to generate nearly 20 percent of the airport's total electricity. (10/02/2014)
Minnesota's 2015 premiums will be the lowest of any in the nation, the Commerce Department says. Critics argue the 4.5 percent average masks some big rate hikes. (10/01/2014)
The death penalty hasn't surfaced as an issue in the race for governor in Minnesota. But it's another area on which the candidates disagree. (09/30/2014)
The move comes after a scathing audit found the group overcharged state and federal programs. State officials say they'll take steps to get that money back. (09/26/2014)
Gov. Dayton isn't saying whether he'll soften his own stand on medical marijuana in a second term. His rivals are staking out other positions. (09/11/2014)
In different speeches at the same venue, Gov. Mark Dayton and Republican challenger Jeff Johnson offer contrasting views about how government should work. (09/04/2014)
Andy Dawkins may be the Green Party's best chance in years to regain major-party status. (09/02/2014)
The new bargaining unit would be represented by the Service Employees International Union. (08/26/2014)
Members of the bipartisan Rural Task Force will hold their first meeting Wednesday. (08/25/2014)
A estimated 27,000 in-home health care workers were eligible to vote this month on whether to have collective-bargaining representation from the Service Employees International Union. (08/25/2014)
Republican gubernatorial nominee Jeff Johnson is promising to use several ideas from his primary opponents as he campaigns against Gov. Mark Dayton, who is already reminding voters about Democrats' accomplishments over the past four years -- including legalized same-sex marriage and a minimum wage increase. (08/13/2014)
Three influential Republicans are trying to push aside the GOP pick for the right to challenge Gov. Mark Dayton this fall. (08/12/2014)
In a letter to the president, Dayton said FEMA officials have not yet finalized the assessments for Dakota, Hennepin and Ramsey counties and are disputing some of the identified damage. Dayton asked Obama to direct FEMA to recognize and finalize those assessments. (08/08/2014)
There are just five days left before the primary election, and the four Republican candidates for governor are sharpening their attacks. Most of the barbs are aimed at Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson, the GOP endorsed candidate. Johnson said his primary rivals are targeting him because he's the frontrunner. (08/07/2014)