Tim Pugmire Feature Archive

DFL Gov. Mark Dayton is set to release a supplemental budget proposal this week. (03/16/2015)
Some Republicans are calling for tax cuts. Democrats say such cuts should not come at the expense of priorities. (03/12/2015)
The measure would allow restaurants to keep servers at the current $8 rate, as long as their combined earnings — with tips — exceed $12 an hour. (03/09/2015)
Under the bill, school district officials would be required to negotiate local layoff policies that factor in teacher performance, rather than basing those decisions solely on years of service. (03/06/2015)
State lawmakers will try to move on to other issues this week after resolving the dispute with DFL Gov. Mark Dayton over big pay raises for commissioners. (02/23/2015)
State legislative leaders say they've reached a deal with Gov. Mark Dayton on the controversial pay increases for 26 commissioners and agency chiefs. (02/19/2015)
It's President's Day, but Minnesota lawmakers are on the job, and there's no break in sight from the ongoing flap over salary increases for members of DFL Gov. Mark Dayton's cabinet. (02/16/2015)
Angry that Senate Democrats voted to freeze his commissioners' pay raises, Gov. Dayton said he no longer trusts Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk. The rift has put DFL politics into disarray. (02/12/2015)
Gov. Mark Dayton wants railroads to pay significantly higher property taxes, in part, to help offset the cost of rail crossing improvements. One GOP tax leader says it's a non-starter. (02/10/2015)
DFL Gov. Mark Dayton is trying to meet with legislative leaders this week in hopes of heading off a potential showdown over the state lottery. (02/09/2015)
Dayton unveiled a two-year, $42 billion general fund spending blueprint last Tuesday. (02/02/2015)
Mental health advocates praised the two-year proposal, which pumps new money into prevention and early intervention programs, improves access to treatment and expands community support for recovery. (01/30/2015)
House Republicans and Senate Democrats have already released their plans. (01/26/2015)
Bills already introduced in the House and Senate would require school districts to emphasize performance over seniority in teacher staffing decisions. (01/20/2015)
DFLers in the Minnesota Senate are expected to release a transportation funding plan Monday that would raise new tax revenue for roads, bridges and transit. (01/12/2015)