Tim Pugmire Feature Archive

Gov. Dayton has already dubbed 2014 the "unsession," because he wants legislators to spend much of their time eliminating old, outdated state laws rather than adding new ones. He's been collecting suggestions on what to get rid of, as well as ideas for making government better, faster and simpler. (10/21/2013)
Republican lawmakers have been pounding Mark Ritchie for developing an online voter registration system without first obtaining legislative approval. Republicans want the Senate Subcommittee on Elections to hold a hearing to address their concerns. (10/16/2013)
The Minnesota House of Representatives Research Department concluded that implementation through legislative action is "the more sound legal approach to this type of policy change." (10/10/2013)
Members of the House Select Committee on Controlled Substances and Synthetic Drugs have been gathering testimony around the state in preparation for a report to the Legislature early next year. (10/07/2013)
New accountability ratings released Tuesday show 17 schools will no longer carry the lowest-performing "priority school" label. Another 10 schools were removed from the so-called "focus" list of schools struggling with wide performance disparities among student racial groups. (10/01/2013)
Members of the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration must OK a $30,000 payment as part of an agreement announced last week to settle Brodkorb's wrongful termination lawsuit. (09/30/2013)
A minimum wage debate is expected to be reheated when state lawmakers return for the start of the 2014 legislative session. Democrats in the Legislature and Gov. Mark Dayton's office want workers to be paid more, but to pass a bill they will have to find a wage they can agree on. (09/16/2013)
The Minneapolis Urban League and other groups have complained that they were excluded from MNsure's first $4 million round of grants aimed at enrolling people in the new system. Gov. Dayton has said they are "rightfully indignant." (09/11/2013)
Mansco Perry III was introduced today as the next executive director of the Minnesota State Board of Investment. Perry is currently chief investment officer at Macalester College in St. Paul. Gov. Mark Dayton, who chairs the board, recommended an annual salary for Perry of $325,000 (09/11/2013)
California company Shutterfly broke ground on their new Shakopee facility today. The project is expected to bring 329 jobs to the region. (09/10/2013)
A bill signed today by Gov. Mark Dayton provides more than $4.7 million in disaster assistance for areas of Minnesota hit by severe weather this summer, as well parts affected by a winter ice storm. The Legislature passed the bill in a special session earlier today. (09/09/2013)
The Minnesota Legislature will consider financial relief for victims of severe thunderstorms that hit the state in June. Eighteen Minnesota counties were declared disaster areas, including Hennepin. (09/08/2013)
Legislative Auditor James Nobles is asking Minnesota lawmakers to revisit a 2012 report that proposed improvements in the way the state provides disaster assistance. (09/03/2013)
The DFL chair of the Minnesota House Commerce Committee wants Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker to stop trying to lure companies across the border by portraying the Badger State as the better place to do business. "I think Gov. Walker is full of baloney," Rep. Joe Atkins said. (08/29/2013)
A House lawmaker is quitting the legislative panel overseeing the Vikings stadium construction over concerns about the panel's leadership structure. (08/29/2013)