Tim Post Feature Archive

Aaron Harper quit abruptly Nov. 6. Woodbury police say they're investigating based on information provided by the school district indicating a potential misuse of district funds or resources. (11/14/2014)
In an agreement with the U.S. Department of Education, Minneapolis school officials want to find alternatives to suspension and reduce the number of police officers involved in school discipline. (11/07/2014)
Voters approved proposals to build new schools, or add onto existing ones, in several Minnesota districts on Tuesday. (11/05/2014)
The Legislature's funding of all-day kindergarten means more students spending the entire day in school. Some districts say they've run out of space for them. (10/31/2014)
A third of Minnesota's new teachers leave the profession within the first five years. Some districts and college teacher preparation programs are working to give them support. (10/29/2014)
U.S. Representative Keith Ellison joined state health officials and community leaders at a forum on Ebola in Brooklyn Center. (10/18/2014)
Neither the woman's identity nor a description of the suspect have been released. (10/18/2014)
The district is trying to find a balance between research showing later start times helps students learn better, and parents reluctant to face schedule changes. (10/15/2014)
St. Paul school officials say the decision to use a chemical spray is left to school resource officers, who are members of St. Paul's police force. (10/13/2014)
Republicans in the Minnesota Senate are calling for an investigation into whether the school district was pressured to sign the contract with the Community Standards Initiative. (10/10/2014)
Community School of Excellence disputes accusations that it has enrolled 4-year-olds without proper screening. (10/09/2014)
What is required of Minnesota schools? And can these checks prevent problems? (10/07/2014)
Research shows starting classes later improves older students' health and grades, but the move would have also required major changes to elementary school schedules. (10/06/2014)
After two days of public testimony and 10,000 emails, a committee will continue to collect public input on the controversial proposal designed to protect the privacy of transgender athletes. (10/02/2014)
The Minneapolis and St. Paul districts, which saw increases in the number of schools with low rankings, have opted not to seek help from state education experts. (10/01/2014)