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Minnesota voters will see fewer requests for school funding through tax levies this fall. (08/29/2012)
As they head back to school Monday, thousands of Minneapolis high school students will ride on a MetroTransit bus or light rail train instead of the typical yellow school bus. (08/27/2012)
As Minnesota students settle into their new classrooms in the coming weeks, teachers will begin to assess their reading and writing skills. (08/24/2012)
The test measures how proficient students are in English, reading, math and science. It's also a good indicator of whether students are ready for college level courses. (08/22/2012)
Hundreds of people filled a gymnasium in south Minneapolis over the weekend to learn more about a new federal program that gives some young people who are in the country illegally the right to work in the U.S. (08/20/2012)
State officials are considering whether to investigate the finances of a Minneapolis charter school. (08/11/2012)
Minnesota students are going to notice something different about their lunches. Schools across the country are now required to serve up healthier lunch-time fare. That means smaller portions of meat and protein, fewer calories and a new requirement that forces students to take more fruits and vegetables. (08/09/2012)
A lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union against a now defunct charter school, Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy, has been settled. (08/03/2012)
Almost 600 employees with the Minneapolis school district are in the process of moving into their new $41 million headquarters on the north side of Minneapolis. (08/03/2012)
Minnesota education leaders who want to toughen the state's anti-bullying law might be looking to New Jersey for inspiration. Some members of a state task force that this week delivered its recommendations for changes to Gov. Mark Dayton, have held up New Jersey's recently passed anti-bullying law as an example of what Minnesota should do. (08/02/2012)
Reading and test scores among Minnesota students remain relatively flat over previous years, according to data released today by the state Department of Education. (08/01/2012)
A state task force formed to look into the problem of bullying is recommending Minnesota scrap its current bullying law and replace it with a stronger anti-bullying statute. (07/30/2012)
A state task force examining the problem of bullying in Minnesota will recommend the state strengthen its bullying law, and require schools to improve tracking and reporting bullying incidents. (07/27/2012)
By this point during their long summer vacation, many children have forgotten some of what they learned during the school year. There's growing evidence that summer learning programs might help many students. (07/26/2012)
The Anoka-Hennepin School District is forming a task force to advise its school board on how best to prevent bullying. (07/20/2012)