Tim Post Feature Archive

A World War II veteran who missed graduation at his Minneapolis high school 69 years ago will finally get to cross the commencement stage on Saturday. (06/02/2012)
A group of students at Fridley Middle School has taken on bullying in a big way. They've created an anti-bullying program and put a new spin on their school's bullying policy. These students have a unique understanding of bullying because they're in the school's special education program. (05/31/2012)
After two public school students in southeastern Minnesota committed suicide this spring, experts expressed concern about gaps in mental health services in Minnesota schools. Minnesota has one of the largest ratios of students to school counselors in the nation - and a shortage of community counselors who treat children. (05/22/2012)
Task force co-chair Walter Roberts Jr. says the group wants to hear what has worked, and hasn't worked, in the community when it comes to bullying prevention. (05/14/2012)
No charges will be filed in the case of a southern Minnesota teen who killed herself after facing bullying in her school. (05/09/2012)
A teen suicide in southern Minnesota last week that the child's parents and bullying experts are blaming in part on bullying is bringing greater attention to a specific type of social bullying. (05/09/2012)
A funeral was held today in the small southern Minnesota town of Kasson for 13-year old Rachel Ehmke. (05/04/2012)
Minnesota school officials watched with interest in recent years as 11 rural districts transition to four-day weeks. Many administrators are considering the switch as a cost-saving measure, but the process is difficult and complex. (05/04/2012)
With a little coaxing, more than a dozen students from Kellogg Middle School in Rochester, Minn., spoke with members of the Governor's Task Force on the Prevention of School Bullying. (04/27/2012)
Gov. Mark Dayton's Task Force on the Prevention of School Bullying will hold listening sessions in Rochester on Thursday, as part of an effort to come up with suggestions to strengthen the state's anti-bullying law. (04/26/2012)
Do you feel smarter when you pop a piece of peppermint candy or gum in your mouth? How about after a quick walk? Or a snack? Teachers at Avalon School hope they've found a new way to increase student test scores. (04/18/2012)
Minneapolis public school teachers' new contract adds four days to the school calendar beginning this fall. (04/17/2012)
A new study released by the University of Minnesota found that families in districts with four-day school weeks take shorter vacations. (04/16/2012)
A St. Paul high school is remembering a student they describe as someone extraordinary, who died in a freak accident Thursday night. (04/13/2012)
A state expert on addiction says Minnesota needs to do a better job of monitoring prescription drug abuse, which is being blamed for an increase in heroin overdose deaths. Officials say the number of heroin-related deaths in three metro-area counties nearly tripled last year. (04/13/2012)