Dan Olson Feature Archive

Starting Saturday, crews will begin preparing the Washington Avenue bridge in Minneapolis for the Central Corridor light rail project. (02/25/2011)
Stephen and Anita Soledolu, the owners of a company called Sole Provider Nursing Services, are charged with fraudulently billing Medicaid for nearly $1 million in claims. (02/24/2011)
A St. Paul man is a suspect in a large copper theft from a vacant factory in the Lowertown area of St. Paul. (02/23/2011)
Gov. Mark Dayton's proposed budget retains more than $20 million to end homelessness in Minnesota. At the same time, Dayton proposes a $5 million cut in support services for homeless people. (02/22/2011)
Officials are still not revealing much about what prompted the FBI and IRS to search the West Side offices of St. Paul businessman Jerry Trooien's JLT Group Inc Thursday. (02/18/2011)
Minnesota's private sector employers say they had nearly one-third more job openings late last year than the year before. (02/17/2011)
The former Abbott Northwestern nurse who is alleged to have taken a painkiller intended for a patient was not at her Hennepin County court appearance Tuesday morning. (02/15/2011)
Ridership on the Northstar commuter rail line went up last month. That's welcome news for the service, which runs passenger trains daily between Big Lake and Minneapolis, because ridership last year was 20 percent below projections. (02/14/2011)
The Metropolitan Council's goal is that women and minority subcontractors win 15 percent of the Central Corridor work. That's nearly double the goal set by the federal government for public works projects. (02/09/2011)
MnDOT has repeatedly failed over the past decade to meet its goals for hiring women and minorities. But after two years of negotiations with critics and others to change the patter, the department, has a new hiring plan. (02/04/2011)
Some metro area mayors are pleased with Gov. Mark Dayton's proposed bonding bill, which includes money for repairs to Target Center and roadway improvement near the Mall of America, but getting approved from the GOP-controlled Legislature will be a tough sell. (02/01/2011)
A Metro Transit spokesman says light-rail service has been halted in downtown Minneapolis because of a downed wire that powers the trains from overhead. (01/27/2011)
The number of juveniles behind bars in Hennepin County is down by nearly half from five years ago, the Hennepin County officials reported Thursday. (01/27/2011)
Tucked inside a new Legislative Auditor's report on transit is a recommendation that lawmakers repeal an obscure state law that bans studying commuter rail service from Northfield to Minneapolis. (01/26/2011)
In a new report, the Legislative Auditor says the governance of Twin Cities transit is complex and fragmented and reform should start by changing the membership of the Metropolitan Council. (01/21/2011)