Dan Olson Feature Archive

Construction is continuing on the Central Corridor light rail project between Minneapolis and St. Paul, despite a state government shutdown. (07/01/2011)
Metro Transit buses and trains are operating on normal schedules, the Stillwater Lift Bridge is open, but road construction projects have stopped. (07/01/2011)
A government shutdown would also suspend electrical inspections required by law for nearly all construction projects, effectively slowing building projects to a halt and potentially stranding workers. (06/29/2011)
Proposed cuts to Twin Cities bus service could put more than 500 employees out of jobs and eliminate more than 200 bus routes during peak hours. (06/27/2011)
Twin Cities transit officials say they can keep the buses and trains running on reserve funds for a few weeks if there's a state government shutdown, but they're making plans for fare increases and route reductions if an eventual budget agreement cuts their funds. (06/24/2011)
Prosecutors on Wednesday charged two Twin Cities men and a Hudson, Wis. couple with racketeering in an alleged mortgage fraud scheme that started in 2009. (06/22/2011)
The sweeping extent of fraud in the mortgage and foreclosure crisis has the public clamoring for the government to punish those involved in the meltdown, most recently, two Twin Cities men who were found guilty of racketeering. (06/21/2011)
A Hennepin County jury has convicted two Twin Cities men of racketeering in a major mortgage fraud case. (06/20/2011)
Scams that target the elderly cause losses in the millions of dollars. A new program in Minn. encourages medical staff to ask older patients whether they've been the victim of fraud, or look for signs of stress. (06/16/2011)
Veteran Minnesota lawmaker Linda Scheid today in hospice care after a six-year battle with ovarian cancer. She was 68. (06/15/2011)
A real estate investor described as a problem property owner is trying to buy rent-subsidized apartment buildings in Minnesota. Advocates worry he'll convert the apartments to market-rate housing that many residents can't afford. (06/08/2011)
State officials this week will release stingless wasps in several Twin Cities neighborhoods to try to control the spread of emerald ash borers that kill ash trees. (06/06/2011)
Minneapolis officials are hoping federal disaster assistance will help pay recovery costs from the tornado that struck the city's north side nearly two weeks ago. (06/03/2011)
Environmental advocates predict an increase in human respiratory problems unless the government acts to lower ozone standards. (06/03/2011)
Audubon Minnesota is in its fifth year of research looking into how many birds are being killed by flying into buildings and what can be done to reduce the number. In the Twin Cities, Audubon Minnesota collected 1,400 dead birds from 2007 to 2009, representing 100 different species -- mostly songbirds. (06/01/2011)